Book 7 – Werewolf

The following Monday night of November 13th, as I sat on mom’s bed, I experienced excruciating pains across my back. As mom prayed for me, I told her that I saw a demon wolf in a vision. This evil spirit had huge fangs. I told her that minutes ago, my body became a Fireball. We both understood what it meant.

That night, as I was about to wash my hands in the hand-basin, I looked toward the window in the bathroom. Shocked, I screamed in horror as our eyes met. This werewolf could only stare at me. Mom shot into the bathroom to help me. She began pacing the floors and in the Name of Jesus released Holy Fire.

While mom began compiling this portion of the script, I dozed off behind her. She did not realize that an unseen force had gripped me. I fought long and hard; at last I opened my eyes. “I am hearing a loud sound coming from afar. It seems as though it is coming up from Hell. This thing does not want you to know,” I told her. “It is here, I confirmed.”