Book 8 – 30 Foot Sword plus extra measure of Grace

In a night vision of the 11th February 2013, as the heavens scrolled open, I could see into Eternity. Then the Voice of Jesus spoke out of Heaven saying, “I Am giving this Ministry an extra weapon plus an extra portion of My Grace.” 

Immediately, there appeared a beautiful, golden-brown wooden box. I watched as this gift descended directly from the Lord into my hands. Exquisite carvings adorned the entire wood. 

Again the Voice of the Lord spoke, “This is another Sword for this Ministry [Christ End-Time Ministries].” I knew that it was another 30 foot Sword. I also understood that those of His Ministries on earth, while in the process of being established, would receive an extra measure of His Grace. 

Overflowing with great joy, I headed home as fast as I could. I was over-excited to tell my mother that the Father had sent a Gift. I also understood that these are the Great, Strong and Powerful who would execute God’s Word – ‘The End-Time Army’- spoken by the Prophet Joel in [Joel Chapter 2]. These are they; a fire devours before them, and behind them a flame burns’.

Due to intense warfare, I had been striving, but could not break through in my prayers. That week, the Lord Jesus instructed me; “First read My Word, then ask the True Holy Spirit to reveal My Glory.”  

Each day, I would read His Word; thereafter, I would pray, “True Holy Spirit reveal the Glory of the Lord Jesus.” 

Together the gift of discernment would operate. Sometimes, I hardly waited; then there were times I waited for five or ten minutes. My spirit could actually discern the darkness move away.

The True Holy Spirit would clear the way revealing the Glory of Jesus. Thereafter, He would lead me into Spirit prayers three times a day.