Book 8 – Christ End-Time Ministries Lodged on the Highest extraordinary Mountain

During the wee hours of the 19th November 2013, the Lord revealed that the members of Christ End-Time Ministries were lodged in a beautiful chalet. The place was situated on Superlative Mountains.

My spirit knew this was no earthly place. I also knew that the highest, extraordinary heights of this mountain could not be found on earth.

This place surpassed the highest excellence found on earth. I also noticed that there were only a few chalets occupied by others, so I ventured down the mountain pathway astonished that it was solid gold. The density of gold was such that the color became a dark gold.

As I strolled nearer to the bottom, I was in an area where inundated houses were of poor quality. The Spirit convicted me of my own matchlessness in this poor-spirited atmosphere.

Yet I noticed that the street of gold led to the bottom of this mountain, so I started my way back up to where Christ End-Time Ministries were lodged. Once again, I recovered in Spirit.