Book 8 – Creature

For a week, deep growls came from behind the fridge. We had rebuked Panther but to no avail; then we rebuked Numridge, also with no results. Mom was saying, “It seems as though we are once more fighting a losing battle. Who is this?” The battle raged severely day and night non-stop. Each morning we awoke beaten up and bruised. I was sick for the entire day. Some monster would jump onto my back whilst asleep or even during the day and would drain every bit of my strength. After two weeks of trying every possible way to fight this type of evil, I was taken into a Spirit vision.

As I closed my eyes, a long road appeared which I was on. Many people were captured and taken to a building in which they were enslaved. I too was taken by the men who worked for a creature. They paid him great homage bowing low to this creature. I heard them addressing him as Creature.

This type of evil creatures would cling to their victim. They would suck and draw out their strength. Every time the victim would gain strength, Creature would draw out every bit. In this way, he became greatly empowered. So this is it! “Creature,” I thought.

I opened my eyes and rushed over to mom who was in the middle of rebuking. Imagine, it is 2:30 in the morning when I blurted out, “This one’s name is Creature.” Together, we stood upon the Word – that if two agree about whatever they may ask, it will come to pass and be done for them by My Father in Heaven. [Matthew 18:19]

Our unity had only aggravated Creature whose growls reached a peak. “What now???” We were desperate. Suddenly, the Holy Spirit dropped into mom’s spirit – read the Word. Immediately, she rushed off and came back reading from the Book of Revelation.

After preach-reading for three hours, a peace swept through – Creature disappeared. I told her that Creature was about a meter in height. He had a dirty, brown-grey, smooth skin. This creature had sharp features and was very powerful.

I dozed off exhausted, but mom persevered on her knees saying, “I must seek the Lord’s face.” It was past nine that morning when she heard a soft growl coming from behind the fridge. “So you are back” she whispered. “I have more to tell you, so listen.”

Mom started reading the Book of Matthew, all about the Power and Authority of the Lord Jesus. Creature’s growls grew louder and deeper but she kept telling him about Jesus. Instantly, a peace swept through and Creature was gone.