Book 8 – Curses Part Eight Rapture Ready

In a Spirit vision on the morning of the 20th January 2013, I was in the process of fleeing from a mob. These evil-minded citizens had claimed that I was a witch. I looked at the mob that appeared to be demon possessed. As I flew at a great speed high into the sky they disappeared. As night fell I could make a safe landing where I met two friends. My presence had caused a great fear upon them. There and then they urged me to depart – “What would become of us should the mob find out?”

“I am not a witch. I had been falsely accused! I had never been out of my physical body when flying. These evil people had twisted lies to appear as truth. They claimed that because I had astral-projected, that I am a witch. Furthermore, I reiterated, I had not astral-projected as I was in my physical form while flying. I am not a witch.”

Then my friends requested, “Take us by our hands and prove to us by causing us to fly with you.” So I took them by their hands and flew into the sky. After returning each one safely to their home, I left.

As I stood looking towards the great city before me, I saw an enormous fire.

Massive ball of fire

The moment of desperation had come; I realized it was the end. The entire existence of all, all life would finally be wiped out completely.

The End of all Ends had arrived. It was so sudden.

Shaking violently, I fell to my knees, “Lord, forgive me of all my sins… Lord, forgive me of all my sins… Lord, even of the false accusation!” My form shook and heaved in great uncontrollable sobs in true repentance as I lifted my voice.

My two friends rushed to my side falling onto their faces repenting. I looked up into the eye of the greatest towering inferno storm ever known to mankind. All fear faded away – I had entered total Newness of Life. “I will see you on the other side,” I blurted out to them.

Once again I looked up and noticed that Jesus stood very tall as He appeared above the inferno. His garment shone like the Sun so that I had to shield my eyes. It was as though a dark curtain had rolled down because of the Brightness of His garment. 

Jesus looked directly into my face. His focus was only on me causing me to repent over and over more earnestly. Jesus stood on a cloud with His hands outstretched to accept His chosen ones.

Prince of Peace - Jesus Christ

As He ascended toward Heaven, I watched as the saints who had been “RAPTURE READY” appeared as brilliant blinding lights flying toward Him. These were not astral-projecting but were soaring through the air just as I was. 

Once again, I looked and noticed that the unforeseen inferno had reached its heights. Suddenly, I realized that I had been left behind and knew that I had to face the most devastating urgency of the moment. In a wink of an eye, the towering inferno swept like a bat out of hell over the entire city. The noise was deafening and the blazing heat was beyond intense.

In that terrible heat of the moment, I stood firm. Jesus alone kept me from crumbling. Skeletal forms of fleeing victims were still in motion; I was instantly consumed. Facing the inescapable, I closed my eyes in death.

The next moment, I stood gazing upon a luscious landscape of vineyards. The leaves of the vines were the richest green I had ever seen. The pain and agony of the terrible vision was wiped out of my mind. I walked a few steps trying to take in the Present, when a vision loomed before me.

In a vision, I walked for miles through desert and finally came to a dilapidated house. Entering, I met a rugged man who claimed that he was my future husband. I pondered and asked him to prove what he had proclaimed. He said that he knew through the Trinity God.

I saw that the spirit of drugs hung heavily over him. I also noticed the very poor, dirty, filthy state he was in. “How could I have ever been involved with such a person?” I thought. “I can’t even remember ever living on earth or being married to a drug addict.”

This man had seen my transformed new body and had instantly fallen head over heels in love. My transformed self shone brilliantly. I turned and walked back through the desert which stretched for miles. Finally, I walked out of the vision and was back amongst the luscious vines of Heaven.