Book 8 – Demon of Hurts and Pains

One night, after prayer and meditating on the Word, I was about to doze off when my spirit eyes opened. The appearance of a huge demon was before me.

This thing moved like lightning and entered my physical body. It happened in less than a blink of an eye; I had no idea what had taken place.

An awful terribleness tormented me. I don’t have the words to make you understand but I will try my best.

This was one of the five demons I had seen in a testimony downloaded from the internet. I knew this one was used to torment people in Hell but why was he summoned? How could the indescribable happen to me?

I awoke very sick and explained to my mother who told me to take my case to Jesus. The following day, she approached me and said, “Yolin, I have searched this matter and found no guilt from your side. Resist the devil, for he is the one who causes the terrible torments of old hurts and pains. Do not accept any of its lies and deceits.”

This demon showed me hurts and pains that did not even exist. 


One night, she prayed for me, “In the Name of Jesus, I command this demon to be bound up… I command this evil spirit to be arrested and bound up hand and foot… Depart immediately into the furthest of the dry and barren places never to return… In Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name… I close all open doorways and seal it with the Blood of Jesus…” 

Immediately, my physical body jumped and mom asked why. “When the thing entered my physical body, I jumped in exactly the same way as when it left!” I replied.