Book 8 – Demon of Persecution

In a Spirit vision on the morning of the 24th March, because of a great commotion, I looked out and saw Christians fleeing in every direction. Not knowing the cause of their panic which hung heavily, I continued looking.

Suddenly, the entire atmosphere became heavy. A demonic force moved in atoms. This thing was so huge that it reached into the sky. I immediately fled as these atoms moved towards the place at which I was lodged. I ran as fast as I could, but an inner conviction flooded my spirit, “Why are you fleeing?”

I turned around and headed home after I had realized and summed up the matter. Back at the lodge, I looked once more through the window and waited for these atoms to reappear. While waiting, my spirit was convicted that this was the demon of persecution.

Before, this very demon used people to persecute the Christians. The time had arrived that this very demon of persecution moved in its atom form. Its diabolical assignment was to personally kill and persecute the Christians.

As this huge demon tried so desperately to enter the lodge, something prevented it. A sure conviction flooded my spirit that a Mighty Warrior Angel had been sent to protect me. It was not my hour yet that I should be persecuted or killed.

For two weeks, we fought an intense battle, especially during the wee hours of each morning. Not sure what we were facing, mom said, “It could be that we are facing demon aliens from the second heavenlies!” 

During our second week of fast and prayer, I was shown the following:-

In a vision of the morning of the 16th April 2013, mom and I were in the centre of a certain town. On our way outside a public toilet, we met two black men. They approached me and asked whether I would take their little girl with me. So while mom stood talking to them the little girl insisted that I help her.

As soon as I turned around after locking the toilet door, the child turned into a dirty, grey-green-brown coloured demon alien. Without hesitating, my spirit responded, “Holy Blazing Fire…! Holy Blazing Fire…! Holy Fire…!”

The alien exerted iron, murderous kill-me-quick forces. On facing this most terrible onslaught, my spirit became the more earnest. “Holy Fire…! Holy Blazing Fire…! Holy Fire…!”

Immediately, Fire Blazed around me forming a hedge. 

The demon alien went stark raving mad; using great force, it lunged forward to kill me. On the other hand, my spirit became more and more earnest. As I continued, Holy Fire blazed into heights and depths. “Blazing Fire…! Holy Fire…!” I became more earnest; Holy Fire blazed more powerfully.

On the morning of the 20th, I was shown in a Spirit vision upon my bed, that Christ End-Time Ministries were on a hiking trail. Whilst walking deep into the wilderness for hours, great tension built up. Each knew that demonic beasts roamed freely.

After we had finally reached the place of our destination, we also discerned whether it was the proper place. Thereafter, we settled and pitched our tents amidst these flesh-eating, untamed and wild beasts.

The following morning, I opened my eyes from another Spirit vision. While making peace with a certain person, the Holy Spirit spoke to me.

“The Lord’s coming is very SOON. 

Now is the time to live from day to day. 

From day to day” 

Immediately, I understood and saw the urgency. So great and terrible was the fear when I saw the Urgency of His Message. So great was the fear that I feared making even the smallest mistake.

In panic, I preached to this person and told him what the Holy Spirit had revealed to me. Immediately, he became outraged and walked away because I had used the Name of Jesus.