Book 8 – Demons from the City under the Ocean

Our Sunday afternoon gathering was led entirely and completely by the Holy Spirit. As Christ End-Time Ministries prayed, the Spirit brought about a complete change. Oneness and unity, with one earnest voice, the Believers commanded all ocean demons to be bound up, arrested and cast into the furthest parts of the dry and barren places never to return to the ocean.

All open doorways were closed and sealed through the Blood of Jesus. Further, the Spirit prayed that a Spirit tidal-wave destroy the entire city under the ocean. Disintegrate all, all equipment used to monitor the Believers on earth. Arise, my Lord and scatter the entire host of the city under the ocean. Destroy, lay to waste, every inch never to be built up again…

Suddenly, I looked into the spirit realm as this ocean demon ascended to scan the Believers.

image city under the sea

I alerted the Believers, who commanded that this ocean demon be bound up in Jesus’ Name and cast into the dry and barren places never to return to the ocean.

While the Believers were praying, I looked once more into the spirit realm and another ocean demon ascended to scan the Believers.

demons city ocean 1

The Believers became the more earnest in prayer as another ocean demon made its appearance.

city under the sea 2

The Believers joined hands and in unison requested, “Father, in Jesus’ Name, send the special End-Time Warrior Archangels, who are clad in iron armour. Let them go forth and arrest all, all ocean demons massed against us.”

Still the atmosphere grew thick and ugly when the Spirit prayed, “Holy Fire Bomb, explode in the midst of the enemy. Let Thine enemies be scattered Lord. Blood of Jesus go forth and pursue the pursuers… Blood of Jesus go forth… Blood of Jesus… Blood of Jesus…”

As the warfare prayers continued, the darkness faded.