Book 8 – End-Time Persecution

In another Spirit vision of the 24th January 2013, the Lord Jesus revealed End -Time persecution. The local people came to gossip, “Have you not heard that it was on everyone’s lips about Manasseh, ‘That Great False Prophet’ Revelation speaks about?” They also quoted the Scripture:

[Revelation Chapter16 verse 13-14] “And I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, leaping from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet. For really they are the spirits of demons that perform signs (wonders, miracles)…”

Immediately, I disagreed and would not listen to these false accusations. “I had only heard and seen Manasseh on one of Benny Hinn’s sermons. I do not want to comment about Manasseh!” I blurted out, annoyed.

It was a bit later, after these people had left that the gift of discernment began to operate. Believers together with unbelievers throughout the entire world were in desperate meetings.”With all earnest, Manasseh must be captured and persecuted, even killed.”

“The false prophet has to be stopped so that he would not be able to combine with the beast and the antichrist. We have to stop the Great Tribulation from coming forth. We know that we are facing the tribulation which is in full swing. We also acknowledge the appearance of the beast and the antichrist,” they shook.

“Once the false prophet comes, the Great Tribulation would begin. We must do all we can to stop him. Facing the beast together with the antichrist is already too much. These two are the tribulation – but the Great Tribulation, who can bear it? It is already too much; facing the beast and the antichrist are too much to bear already. Who would be able to face it? We must stop the third one before they combine.”

Now in order to control the Great Tribulation, they wanted to persecute the false prophet, even to death. They were just waiting for him to make his appearance. These had falsely accused Manasseh. This was the final outcome which was announced world-wide.

In the Spirit vision, I saw that the True Believers had stepped in for Manasseh. They rejected all false accusations. Though he faced persecution and death, Manasseh continued God’s work faithfully. I opened my eyes as this Spirit vision was lifted. The True Believers had helped Manasseh who went about creating an underground movement.