Book 8 – How Demons kidnap souls

It is the 6th June 2013; mom was unable to put into words, the mystery of intense warfare. We had been in earnest prayer seeking absolute Truth. Each Believer at Christ End-Time Ministries underwent such terribleness, some to the point of a nervous breakdown.

On reaching high peaks of intense warfare, Divine Anointing of the Almighty would restore, refresh and renew us. There were times when we underwent spiritual dryness and total exhaustion. This only led each one into earnest fasting and prayer. Finally, the Lord Jesus gave us a glimpse into the mystery of the intense warfare.

I opened my eyes, feeling very sick, that morning mom and I sat poring over the following:

The group I accompanied was not more than ten. While waiting to board a train, we stood on the footbridge which joined the many platforms. Suddenly, the atmosphere grew into an indescribable terribleness. Immediately, our senses were extra sharp. In full alert, I looked towards the ground and in shock, saw a dirty, greenish midget coming up from beneath the earth.

Although it appeared to be just a midget, this demon exerted unusual great power. The terribleness of its presence caused a drastic change in the weather. Thick, dark clouds gathered in the blue sky.

Evil poured from the eyes of this thing. Although the others could not see it, they felt the evil presence which hung heavily. Sarcastically, it revealed its identity, “I come from under the ocean!” My spirit knew that this demon referred to the ‘city under the ocean.’

With a speed faster than lightning, it viciously attacked me. I collapsed, frothing, having a complete blackout. The group gathered around to pray for me, but no amount of effort helped.

As my eyes closed, I opened them in some part of Hell. I gazed around, trying very hard to grasp everything. Miles and miles of liquid fire roared like angry waves tossed to and fro. The color of the liquid fire changed to blood red.

hell's fires 2

As the colour turned redder, the heat became unbearable; yet it had no affect on me. It seemed impossible to measure the height, width, length or depth of this torment. Liquid fire covered every inch like dripping lava. Words cannot describe the actual reality of the torment.

I had but a glimpse of this portion of Hell. Unexpectedly, in a wink of an eye, I felt a great suction. I was once again back in my physical body. My spirit knew that it was the Lord who had delivered me. I opened my eyes feeling terrible and dizzy, yet ripped apart.

During a gathering, we discovered that each one had undergone a similar experience. To each one there was assigned a powerful demon. Every demon revealed its identity; they came from the city under the ocean. Though we could not see each other’s assigned demon, we tried earnestly to help one another.

Further to our discussions, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we understood that with each attack we underwent, our souls were taken and locked up in that specific part of Hell. Through the Grace of Almighty God, no amount of effort could keep our souls locked up.

The urgency of each moment, trying to help one another, sparked a blazing Fire. The Fire blazed with such a great fury that it drew the Holy Spirit into our midst. The Presence of the Holy Spirit hung heavily. Immediately, a huge screen appeared as the entire illustration replayed. As the Voice of the Holy Spirit spoke, we understood how our souls had been stolen in the wink of an eye.

I watched as I saw myself viciously attacked by the ocean demon. While in the state of complete blackout, the assigned ocean demon grabbed my wrist. At the speed of lightning, he flew with me high into the heavens. Reaching the top of the opening of a huge funnel, I watched myself whirling headlong down.

The funnel entered the city under the ocean. I learned that there was another entrance into Hell. Through this entrance, the ocean demon passed through the gateway into Hell. The demon had a free choice into which part of Hell the stolen souls were to be locked up. I saw that I was taken to a specific part previously described. At that point, the train arrived to take each one to their destination. We needed to recover from the awful impact our physical bodies had undergone.

During our journey, the same experiences happened. I opened my eyes from a total blackout only to partially overhear one telephonically explaining to her mother. She said that she thought it was my mother who was responsible. She thought that my mother had master-minded this entire attack.

It was about two a.m. in the morning; while mom was compiling this part of the Script, the ocean demon manifested. Deep growling, grunting sounds met us as we arose. “You demon from beneath the ocean, you have trespassed into this locked house. You belong beneath the ocean – In the Name of Jesus, I Command you to be bound up hand and foot. I Command you to be arrested and cast into the furthest part of the dry and barren places in Hell. In the Name of Jesus, I command that you never return to the ocean. Blood of Jesus cover and seal this open door. Lord Jesus, would you send a host of special Warrior angels to protect our souls while we sleep. “

The following day, mom and I awoke sick; we had been attacked through dark anointing which Satan poured over us while we slept. We fought ocean demons into the wee hours of Sunday morning as the attacks escalated.