Book 8 – Intense Warfare with Medusa

Towards the end of January, one night while mom was utterly exhausted and about to doze off, a force of darkness with a powerful suction tried to suck her soul out of her physical body.

Although she did not have the strength to defend herself, her spirit pleaded the Blood of Jesus. Immediately, she was taken into a Spirit dream in which she found herself in a situation for which words are hard to find.

She saw herself at a point of turning around while walking, and looked into the sky. Immediately, very black and dirty-grey clouds billowed! The shaping and twisting movements of evil caused the color of the clouds to appear demonic.

A mass of great evil forces rushed unhindered across the sky towards her. Stunned by the enormity of what was before her, she experienced that part of the billowing clouds became a huge pair of ugly, cloud-hands.

In less than a wink of an eye, they swept viciously before her. The distant rumble, like thundering movements of demonic clouds, formed billowing images. In this awful moment, I heard mom mumbling. That morning we woke up very sick.

[Psalm 101:3] “I will set no base or wicked thing before my eyes. I hate the work of them who turn aside from the right path; it shall not grasp hold of me.” 

The intense warfare grew until one night, I tried to tell mom that I was in an open vision. I tried desperately to let her know that I was seeing Medusa. Her skin appeared an ugly, dirty, red-like crustacean; she had thick snakes in her hair. At last, I broke out of her spell to alert my mother who was under heavy demonic attack.

Immediately, the growling behind our fridge became louder. Mom arose to rebuke her but instead she started to sing, “Your steadfast Love, O Lord, never ceases. Your mercy never comes to an end. It is new every morning, new every morning. Great is Thy Faithfulness oh Lord. Great is Thy Faithfulness…”

Mom continued singing until the growling faded and stopped. That night we fell asleep utterly exhausted.


[Psalm 92:11] “My eye looks upon those who lie in wait for me; my ears hear the evildoers that rise up against me. 

[Psalm 94:4-5] “They pour out arrogant words, speaking hard things; all the evildoers boast loftily. They crush Your people, O Lord, and afflict Your heritage.” 

In a morning vision of the 6th February 2014 upon my bed, I once again witnessed Medusa’s cunning moves. She who waits upon an open door will enter in less than a wink of an eye.

I was at the pastor’s house standing at the window watching my cousin fixing the garage window. A while later, he decided to play with their Staffordshire dogs; upon this my spirit eyes opened.

Coming up from the ground was Medusa. I thought it a hard thing to look at this evil statue and did not even blink an eye. My whole instinct was shocked, “Medusa???”

I watched my cousin who could not see or discern her presence. At this point I had no idea why she had appeared? Why did she not harm anyone?

I studied Medusa and noticed that her completeness was an ugly, dark, blackness. I also began to study the snakes in her hair. These began to move with hateful passion as they flicked their black, forked-tongues through 30 cm long fangs.

I never saw earthly snakes whose long fangs curved downward. These ugly things had shocking red eyes. Their scales appeared like iron plates. As I thought about Leviathan, I heard a soft Voice saying, “Each snake in her hair is like a Leviathan!” Upon that I thought if each snake is like a Leviathan and there are an untold number of them, what power they have if they combined!

I watched as another cousin of mine also came along to play with the dogs. He also could not see or discern Medusa. But someone else who is also my cousin, came and she could see Medusa.

Because her spirit eyes were opened, she went to stand in front of Medusa. At this point, Medusa watched intensely. This person was over-fascinated and said to Medusa, “Enter into me. When you have entered into me then you can use my mouth fully and speak through my mouth.”

I was shocked at this person who had opened up to Medusa to use her as a mouthpiece. As my mind raced, I thought that it would not be this person speaking any longer. It would be Medusa speaking through her. My cousins did not even notice anything or hear anything, as this person communicated in the spirit realm with Medusa.

I saw that the moment this person opened the door of her life, Medusa moved faster than lightning and entered unnoticed. I opened my eyes, totally shocked, and approached my mother who understood who this family member was.