Book 8 – Intense Warfare

The week that followed, mom and I fought a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, intense warfare. Immediately, I looked and told her that we had an unusual visitor.

“A sting-ray fish is most unwelcomed!” she uttered.


Together we agreed, “You sting-ray fish-demon, you have trespassed into this house. You belong in the ocean and not in this house! Because you have trespassed, I forbid you to go back to the ocean. In the Name of Jesus, I Command that you, sting-ray fish-demon, be bound up. I Command you to obey the Name of Jesus. I Command you to be arrested. Depart immediately to the furthest of the hottest parts of the driest of the barren land. Roast and bleed! In the Name of Jesus, I Command that you never return! Blood of Jesus…Blood of Jesus… close and seal every open doorway.”

One early morning, I awoke and dozed off; I could actually feel my physical body pinned down. Immediately, my Spirit eyes opened; I beheld the entire house filled to capacity with bee-like shapes. My Spirit-vision grew stronger; I actually saw that the dirty-brown colored shapes were not bees, but demons.

I was shocked when these demons massed into clusters. There seemed to be no space to breathe or move. “How could mom and I actually live in such conditions? There are millions upon millions of them! They are all buzzing like bees. What an irritating noise!” I also noticed that these had no eyes although they could see.

Suddenly, my pinned, physical body was released and I fell into a deep slumber. I saw a 30 cm shadow – a shape of a person – moving around the house. My spirit sat up as I watched, expecting to see the body that had formed the shadow. To my surprise there was only a shadow moving, floating around the house. When I opened my physical eyes, I was sick and could not sleep.

In an early morning Spirit vision of the 22nd June, I saw my mother approaching me. She told me that she was on her way to the Town Center to evangelize. While we spoke I looked up and saw a fifty-foot angel. The Heavenly Being wore a pure white garment; even the color of the hair and skin shone a brilliant white. The angel said that he was sent to confirm that mom should evangelize at the Town Center that morning.

When I opened my eyes, I heard that she had locked up and left. On returning, after evangelizing, she told me that she had sought the Lord in earnest prayer. The Holy Spirit had led her to evangelize in the Town Center. I had not said a word to her about it; it was only in the evening that I approached her to share the vision. “Well, Glory to God in Jesus’ Name,” she rejoiced.

During the month of June, we had fought a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, intense warfare. Mom prayed constantly for me as fireballs pierced my chest. I told her that when these demons made growling noises, they were actually chanting. I remained very sick under heavy demonic onslaught.

Then she prayed, “Every one of you demons that has entered into this house illegally, you have trespassed. You have entered through locked doors and windows. For this, I command that every one of you be bound up with fetters of fire. Now, fires absorb their powers and roast them. I command every one of you demons to be cast violently into the furthest part of the dry and barren places. Never return to the one who used you. Never return to this house. I close and seal all open doors in the spirit realm with the Blood of Jesus.” 

At other times, the growling grew so loud that our fridge shook. Mom would rebuke the demons, but this one was stubborn. I told her that it was a beast, so she continued, “Beast you belong in the field and not in my house. You have trespassed through locked doors and windows. I command beast to be bound up. I command that beast be cast into the dry and barren places and I forbid that beast returns to the fields. I command that beast not return to the one who used you. I command that beast never comes back, in Jesus’ Name.” 

Beast became more vicious and shook the fridge, but mom turned and said, “Blood of Jesus, Blood of Jesus, Blood of the Lamb of God, go forth and utterly destroy beast. Lay to waste its habitation. Blood of Jesus destroy, do not spare beast. Destroy completely, destroy, and destroy.” 

Immediately, there was a silence as she opened her eyes.

The rebuke intensified until mom continued, “I command that all masses of demons surrounding this house to smother us, be bound up in Jesus’ Name. Blood of Jesus go forth like an atomic bomb and explode over the entire masses. Utterly destroy and lay to waste their plans, as I command the entire masses to be arrested. I command these masses to be bound up and cast into the driest of the barren places. Burn and shrivel up, roast and fry. In Jesus’ Name, never return to this house.” 

At other times, when the demons manifested while we settled down to eat, mom would say, “Demons, I am almost done eating, but when I stand up, the Blood of Jesus will smother and drown you. The Blood of Jesus will run through your veins and into your eye balls.” Before she actually stood up they fled.

At other times, her rebuke was in vain until the Holy Spirit showed her that it was a half-human, demon and animal! “Wicked person, in the Name of Jesus, I command that all your animal-like demons be bound up. I command that all your dark powers be bound up. I cast all your demon-animals into the furthest part of the dry and barren places. 

Demon-animals, I command that you never return to the one who used you. Never return to this house. Warfare Angels of Almighty God, cast this wicked person into the furthest ends of the earth, never to return to this house. In Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name… Amen!!!” Immediately we saw result after result after result. Praise the Lord.

Mom nursed her mother, who for several weeks, was very ill. One day, while attending to her mom who was asleep, she heard her shout, “Salute the Father in Jesus’ Name… in Jesus’ Name… in Jesus’ Name… Amen.” Her mom opened her eyes while both were saying “Amen… Amen… Amen…”

Her mom prayed, “Lord Jesus, I am 82 years old, use the rest of my life for Your Glory and Purpose.”

On a different occasion, while mom sat at her mother’s bedside, the Holy Spirit used her lips while she was asleep. Mom heard her saying, “The Living Blood of Jesus.”

On the day that her mother suffered cardiac failure, while her physical body had collapsed, she heard herself screaming “The Power in the Blood of the Lamb… The Power in the Blood of the Lamb…” The doctor rushed to her aid and found her turning blue. She was rushed off to Groote Schuur Hospital.

That night, mom sat at the bedside of her sleeping mother and heard her spirit say, “Bless the Lord O my soul and all that is within me, bless His Holy Name. Bless the Lord O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases. Who redeems your mouth with good so that your youth, renewed, is like the eagle’s.” 

Her mother kept repeating this scripture that night. She awoke from a Spirit dream in which she found herself at a place of Divine Peace and tranquility; every part was filled with huge, white birds which she thought were angels. “Oh,” she said to mom, “Earth will never know such Divine Peace.”

On another occasion, as her mother woke up, she heard herself saying Psalm 23. Yet mom heard her sleeping mother saying, “It’s the Living Holy Spirit.”

During the wee hours of one morning, mom heard her mother speaking in her sleep. “Goodbye everyone… I am leaving…I am standing in front of Heaven’s Gates… I am entering… I see Jesus… Goodbye Cindy (mom)…” her voice faded away.

On returning into her physical body, she painfully opened her eyes and asked mom what she was doing there. Mom replied, “What are you doing back on earth? I knew that you had entered through Heaven’s Gates never to return.”

Her mother could not understand why her spirit had re-entered her body again. Due to her painful suffering, she had an urge to be with Jesus whom she loved with all her heart. She had been waiting every night for the Lord to take her.

Towards the end of June, I had a Spirit dream in which many types of birds were in my house. I had thrown a choice morsel of meat into the air to see which bird would get it. To my surprise, the eagle took hold of the morsel of meat. I loved the eagle and held dearly onto this bird.

During the first week of July, Brother Mark was shown in a Spirit dream that the pastor came to him. He carried a huge book and said, “This is the Book the Lord Jesus gave me. This Book contains all His Commandments.” Brother Mark described the Book as being a meter in width, breadth and height.

The pastor had taught week after week, the Commandments of the Lord. This was to confirm that the Message taught was in the Lord’s Perfect Will.

The day thereafter, demonic sounds tried to disturb mom’s prayer, but she began to worship the Lord, ignoring the distractions. An explosion sound came from the room I was asleep in, so she went to investigate.

After she found me sound asleep, she headed for the kitchen. “Mountain of evil darkness, I speak to you in the Name of Jesus. Be thou cast into the sea. The seas of the dry and barren places never to be remembered.” Instantly, the demonic sounds fled sounding like a rocket being blasted off.

Our survival moments became more intense; I was about to doze off when I noticed the ground had an unusual uneasiness. After some time, a form began making its appearance. I was shocked.

This evil ascended and stood more than twenty meters high. Towering over us and looking down, was a monster with three heads. One head was positioned to see anything which happened above. The other head looked to the front and the third head was positioned to the side. Mom understood why the Holy Spirit prompted that she should speak to the mountain before her.

While compiling this portion of script, the abysmal manifested. She turned toward the unwelcomed visitor and said, “Mountain, I speak to you in the Name of Jesus Christ. Be thou removed from your place. I command this mountain in its capacity, to be bound up and removed. I cut off your three heads and cast them away, never to return to your body. Heads swell and explode into thousands of pieces, never to come back together again. Angels, go forth and cast this mountain into the furthest of the seas. In Jesus’ Name… In Jesus’ Name…” 

Immediately the mountain fled like a rocket.

Seconds later, the abysmal manifested, but this time the Holy Spirit revealed that she should speak to all the mountains lined up in rows. So she spoke to every one of these mountains as one. Instantly, the peace flooded as all the mountains fled simultaneously.