Book 8 – Kidnapped Souls City under the Earth

The following week, while asleep, I literally felt my spirit sinking through the bed. As I continued sinking through the ground, I found myself in an unknown place. There was just enough light to allow me to see the vastness of this place. Reader, this unknown place stretched for miles and miles in whatever direction I turned.

Immediately, my spirit convicted me that this was the City under the Earth. The entire land before me was completely barren. Thousands upon thousands of people roamed around lifelessly. I also had the ability to know these were the souls of men and women that had been stolen and kept in captivity.

My spirit also understood that dark movements and forces working through New Age, False Religions, Secret Societies, witchcraft, Mormonism, Freemasons, demonic operations, princes of darkness, queens of the coasts etc… were responsible for these victims.

I too joined in the hopelessness and began roaming about lifelessly. “Am I to spend eternity in this awfulness?” I stared. I was not able to determine how long I was allowed to experience such morbidity. When my eyes opened, I was very sick and terribly depressed.

One night, while compiling this portion of Script, there were deep growling noises coming from behind the fridge. Mom listened for some time and got up. Raising her hand towards the awful sound, she rebuked, “You wicked powers of the night, you have entered long enough. I command that you die and be buried. Earth to Hell open up and swallow, suck back to Hell fires, this demon. Angels go forth with fetters, as I command this demon to be bound up, in Jesus’ Name. Demon be buried alive in Hell fires, never to return again.” Immediately, the grunting stopped.

During the month of July, I was taken into a vision of the night. I was walking alone when a Voice spoke from Heaven. Immediately, my spirit knew that it was the Lord Jesus. I gazed toward Heaven and replied, “Lord, here am I.”

The Lord said, “You have tattoos on your body.” I looked very puzzled, so I lifted my top to investigate. I saw the tattoos and was immediately convinced. “You keep on going to that pet shop at Shoprite. Every time you go to that shop, a witchcraft tattoo is placed on you.” 

Shocked, I stood dumbstruck. Then He said, “Do not worry, turn around and return home. Go to your room and undress, for I am going to cleanse the witchcraft tattoos from you.”

Exceedingly joyful, I obeyed the Lord and entered my room. I undressed and stood in my underwear as He instructed me. As I gazed towards Heaven, my bedroom ceiling scrolled open. I was able to look into the Spirit realm.

There appeared a bowl descending to me. Its entire contents, like water, were splashed onto the first tattoo. This seemed more about being obedient to be cleansed; I endured the pain as burning sensations filled the tattoo area. Surprised, the first tattoo vanished. As this process was repeated, I counted six bowls and knew that there were six witchcraft tattoos placed on me. On opening my physical eyes, I felt a deep cleansing.

During the complete month of September 2013, I was shown in many different night visions, that I attended various adult schools and was in heavy camping.

During the complete months of October and November, there were so many intertwined intense warfares that I don’t even know how to begin to tell you.