Book 8 – Little Zombies taught 666 song

The following day, mom was shown in a Spirit dream that the government officials were leading an all-youth march. These were very young children whose ages reached the teens.

A noisy uproar sounded through the streets as mom listened intently to what the commotion was about. In front marched the official followed by little zombies chanting a song they were taught about 666. 

The scene changed as government officers went from door to door and took hold of mom. They gripped her tightly while another began writing and drawing on her clothing. “Oh, this sweater I can easily take off!” she mumbled.

In a vision of the morning of the 19th December, I was at a local school where I met some friends. After school, my friend and I met a certain relative at the gate, who began chatting to me.

Suddenly, an enormous, black demon appeared who seemed to have no visible eyes! My spirit knew that he had invisible eyes and could see very well. I noticed that he had no fingers or toes but sharp protruding claws.

This huge evil spirit, which was about 2 storeys high, actually flew at lightning speed through the roof and walls of the school. In less than a wink of an eye, it entered this relative from behind.

This person did not even know or could not discern what had happened to him. I turned to my friend whose eyes goggled out; great fear overcame him. He had never experienced nor could he understand what his eyes had seen.

Immediately, I began explaining, “The soul of this relative of mine had been locked up in a jar somewhere. Now his body has become a puppet. The demon that you saw entered into him using his body.” At this point my friend was overcome with fear.

image of demon

On the morning of the 26th December, I closed my eyes greeting Father, the Lord Jesus and Blessed Holy Spirit, when an angel of the Lord stood at my window looking in.

Mitchell's Plain-20121129-00688

In one of the Spirit visions, I was shown of the evil spirit behind our fridge. This powerful thing moved about in atoms growling and grunting. My spirit knew that it was this thing that had eaten my teddy-bear hamster as a sacrifice. It pounced upon me while I was in the process of pointing my finger and rebuking it. At present, in the physical, one of my teddy-bear hamsters disappeared without any trace.

images abc

Mom had rebuked it for months, but to no avail; it seemed like water on a duck’s back until one night, while in prayer, she said, “Father, I am very exhausted but I will speak Your Word. Let Your Word become alive to these atoms. Let Your Living Word work for me and speak for me. I am going to close my eyes. Thank You Father, in Jesus Name.”

That night after countless sleepless ones, we slept!

It was three o’clock in the morning of the 8th January 2014; a message came through on my Facebook. Shocked and overwhelmingly sick, I woke mom and showed her. My own profile picture was sent to me; dripping from my image was blood.

My entire image was disfigured like a werewolf. “Who could have done this?” A reply came through again on my Facebook from this person, saying that he was from Tanzania.

His message was awful, as the demonic realm opened up in my bedroom. My entire inside minced and whirled as I approached my mother! After I had deleted the message, mom rebuked the demonic attack. Every single demon attached to my profile to sacrifice me was sent back through Facebook.

“The Blood of Jesus and the Holy Fire mixed with the Holy Electricity, not a hundred percent, but a thousand percent full blast. Destroy the darkness operating through (person’s name) in Tanzania, in Jesus’ Name… I close and seal every open doorway for any other evil forbidding darkness, never to return.”