Book 8 – Lord Jesus showed me the Destroyer

Two days later, whilst asleep, I saw a Man approaching me. As He came nearer to me, I knew that this person was the Lord Jesus. There was total Peace in my spirit towards Him. This was a sure conviction that it was the Lord. My physical form was asleep when He stood very close to me and said, “Come follow Me.” My spirit responded, “Yes.”

Immediately, my spirit body was with the Lord as I held onto His left arm. “I want to show you something,” He said. Thereafter, we started walking through public streets and came to a church building. As we stood before the building, suddenly, the front scrolled open.

The Lord was a Man of a few Words. I looked in and saw that the Church was completely desolate. There was no one present; there was absolutely nothing inside the building. Then I noticed a red curtain which covered only halfway across the sanctuary. Why was there half a curtain?

The sanctuary was desolate – empty. I was completely puzzled! A homeless person sitting outside saw the Lord and me. The Lord had opened his eyes to see us. This person said, “If only the church could have had a full covering.” 

I knew he referred to the red curtain. Then he added, “And unison.” I understood that he meant “prayer and praise and worship”. I turned around towards the desolate Church and saw a werewolf. This thing looked beyond description of evil to kill and destroy.

I knew that this thing was responsible for the destruction and desolation of this Church. My spirit knew that he was the destroyer. As this thing turned to look at me, I knew that I had to face him. I was also convinced that as soon as I returned to my physical body that he would come after me. This thing was to bring about the tribulations, trials and temptations. He was the Destroyer of trials, tribulation and temptations.

The Destroyer

I prayed and asked Jesus, “Please keep me from all trials and temptations and tribulations.” I knew that I had to face what lay ahead, therefore He did not answer me. I knew that if I did not face this, then I had to leave this world. Yet it was not yet my time to go, so I accepted the fact that I had to face the werewolf. As the Lord walked away, He turned to me and said, “I will be there for you.”

I opened my eyes as He disappeared. Whilst dozing off, the thing attacked me viciously. Not knowing what was happening, mom was on her knees weeping. She sought the Lord as to why the day felt demonically heavy.

On hearing my call for help, she rushed to the bathroom. I was having a total blackout and collapsed against her. My entire physical body was covered in burning pains. She prayed for me until I had enough strength to reach my bed. There she anointed me with oil and I fell asleep. It was past one in the afternoon when I awoke and started recovering.

I then told her that this werewolf did not have claws but knives. This thing shredded my entire stomach into the small of my back. The excruciating pain caused the blackout. Mom did not leave my side that day, so I started to recover.