Book 8 – Medusa

In a Spirit vision of the early hours of the morning of the 15th December, Brother Michael together with his family of five children, with mom and me, were at separate chalets on a mountain slope. I remained in the chalet while mom went to help her brother.

Night had fallen, so everyone was asleep; mom had not yet come back. While asleep, I was awakened by a spiritual earthquake, only to come face to face with a female demon.

Immediately, my spirit eyes opened and I saw that she came up from Hell and stood at the foot of my bed. This specific demon only comes up on assignments; her actual habitation is in Hell. Her extraordinary powers exuded from her hands. In vehemence, frothing with hatred beyond what I could grasp, her power actually turned into a fiendish ugly smoke!

This evil masqueraded in her responsibility to kill me off. Once again, I faced a life or death situation and fled to mom and urged her outside where I made her understand what had happened.

I also explained that this demon was sent through Facebook, attached to one of my profile pictures by a certain relative. When I activated Facebook, immediately a door opened for this evil spirit. Mom was extremely disturbed.

Facing the chalet we hired, we spotted a dark shadow followed by Medusa. My spirit knew who had used Medusa whose presence brought the actual atmosphere of Hell along.


Terrible evil caused the sky plus the entire place to turn a hazy, dirty-red. Then I mentioned to mom, “Oh, is this how Hell feels? Is this how everyone who goes to Hell has to contend with this type of atmosphere?” We thought that the lost souls in Hell had to go through eternity in this torment.

Mom rushed off to this relative and forcefully brought her outside to me. Her confused brother followed behind her. Mom pointed to Medusa, “I know that you have sent Medusa to kill Yolin etc.” This relative turned to me to apologize.

While she hugged me, I discerned the evil emanating from her was the type of evil found in Satanism. As we hugged, Holy Fire activated to protect me while I whispered, “I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus.”

The Holy Fire that was activated actually burned this person insomuch that she confessed the reason for trying to kill me.

“You are a Christian and Satanists are supposed to kill all Christians. It is the Satanist’s mission to kill all Christians.” 

The Spirit vision continued into another revelation so I called mom aside. I explained in detail to her how Facebook operates. Anyone could access into my Facebook! This is what happened when this certain person assigned Medusa to one of my profile pictures.

I actually showed mom the two pictures in my profile that I used for Facebook. I showed her the exact picture to which my relative had attached Medusa. When I activated Facebook, it would automatically allow this demon access.

Mom took my Cellphone and deleted my picture and sent Medusa back through the opened Facebook doorway etc. She also sealed my Facebook with the Blood of Jesus to prevent any Satanist access to my Facebook.