Book 8 – Message from God’s Angel

In a night vision of the 21st March, upon my bed, mom and I walked along a long road. On reaching a huge field park, we strolled for some time. For how long I do not know, but suddenly a Powerful Divine Presence covered me.

I was convicted of the Presence of an Angel sent by Jehovah. Although I could not see the Angel, God’s Awesomeness radiated brightly. I spoke and said to the Angel, “Here am I, speak!”

Angel sent by Jehovah

Then the Angel replied, “What is your deepest desire in your heart?” I answered, “I do not know!”

As we walked I thought, “If I only knew what I wanted.” The Angel continued hovering over us. Then he replied, “I will search your heart to see your deepest desire!”

I actually felt my heart open and he entered. After a while, he replied,”Your deepest desire is to have farms.” I stopped to think very deeply and said, “Yes, I do desire to have farms.”

Then the Angel replied, “Repeat after me, ‘I Repent, I Repent, I Repent…” 

After giving me the Message the Angel vanished, ascending towards Heaven.

Immediately, I found myself repeating those words. Mom looked at me, bewildered, for she was unaware that I was engaged in a deep conversation with God’s Messenger.

It seemed like hours had passed and we were still walking. I continued repeating those words. Still many more hours passed and I continued, “I Repent, I Repent, and I Repent.”

As we strolled along, we could actually see into the Next Life. We knew that it was the Next Life before us. We could actually see the Path from this life into the Next Life. We walked on a Solid Path, an extension into the Next Life. The Path was made of gravel. As we continued walking into the Next Life, I continued repeating, “I Repent, I Repent, and I Repent!”

The gravel road continued into the Next Life as we walked for hours and hours. After walking for those many, many hours, we could see ahead of us – the After Life.

Rows and rows of luscious vineyards stretched for miles and miles. As we walked toward the vineyards, I thought of the message brought to me by God’s Angel. I was overjoyed with a sure conviction – these were my farms.