Book 8 – Nightmare of Zombies marked 666

In a Spirit dream of the 27th April, once again I was participating in an illustration. My spirit was convicted that the Rapture had taken place and I was left behind. There seemed to be no time to be disappointed, only survival moments before me.

I looked out and noticed a huge crowd of so many, many, moving in absolute cold blood. They preyed on any type of living form whether it was an animal or human. Screams of painful agony shook me as their prey was devoured alive. They actually ate any living thing alive.

Zombies eating

I crept deeper into my hiding place as the nightmare of zombies moved nearer to my home. Each time a zombie would knock at my door asking for any living thing. These intended to devour me, but instead I offered each one, at different times, one of my hamsters. In one gulp the poor thing vanished.

Later, an explosion took place in my spirit; I could no longer remain in hiding. I opened the door and rushed to the mob of zombies, proclaiming the Name of Jesus. The cold-blooded approached as all hell broke loose.

I was about to be viciously attacked when suddenly one of them remembered our long past-forgotten friendship. This caused him to turn aside; as he walked away, the entire mob of zombies followed.

Each zombie had 666 on their forehead. I was beyond speechless, not imagining still being alive, thinking that strict instructions had been given to devour me.