Book 8 – Rank of Charity

On the morning of the 2nd May, I was shown that I attended a local school. The massive building was designed for thousands. During gathering, amongst the thousands, a homeless person approached me. He asked me whether I would give him a pair of socks.

I noticed that the man was very dirty and smelled very terrible. I told him that I did not have an extra pair but that I would give him mine. The man showed me that his socks were very broken.

I sat down and took my socks off and gave them to him. I told him that they were all I had, but that I’d brave the cold. The poor man immediately put my socks on. I looked at him as tears welled up in his eyes. It was just a thought of kindness toward him as a homeless person.

I left to refresh myself; on returning, the homeless man met me once more. He told me that he wanted to give me something. I noticed that he too had gone to refresh himself and looked good. He reached out to his backpack and told me that he was going to rank me.

As I pondered his words, he pinned a navy-blue brochure on me. My name “Yolin Birch” was embossed in gold lettering. Then he gave me another one of pure silver, in the shape of two wings. As I looked at it, he told me that my name would be first and that the second one would reveal my ranking. Further, he stated that the principal would rank me.

As I took the second brochure, he told me that it was the rank of “Charity.” I held dearly onto it with great joy and noticed that out of the thousands, only four received a ranking. The man told me to look in my backpack before he left. To my surprise, I found a brand-new pair of socks! Overjoyed, I fitted them on.

While I stood in line, I thought about this man who seemed to be in a very high position. I also thought that this man was to search through thousands but only a very few were ranked.

In a night vision of the 20th May 2013, the head of the school dismissed everyone. Everybody fled in a great panic including myself. I looked back towards Table Mountain; in sheer horror, I watched as an unusual, gigantic tornado made its way across the waters.

Billowing black clouds had already covered most of the sky, making their way across the entire country of South Africa. Then I noticed that the blackness of the clouds was actually coming from the tornado.


My spirit knew that within seconds the country of South Africa would be completely annihilated.

Great fear and terror hung heavily in the atmosphere. Some fled to take refuge in caves; some fled to a forest; some fled to nearby buses and there were those who fled to highways. As I fled, I met Believers who offered me a lift in their car. Hastily we took refuge in a faraway forest.