Book 8 – Taken to Hell

During the wee hours of the 14th July 2013, I was taken into a Spirit vision. There appeared to be a tall, blonde woman playing with seven baby hamsters. While watching her, severe pain attacked my heart; as I fell on my knees, I grabbed my chest.

My face distorted in agony as I called out to her for help. Completely flat out, I asked her to call for help, “I am having a heart-attack. I am dying… I am dying… Please call for help.”

I continued pleading for help but it seemed that this woman acted with ignorance. Suddenly, my spirit body stood up and I climbed out of my physical body. Shocked and in disbelief, I watched my dead physical body lying on the ground.

While standing alongside my dead form, I began to sink into the earth. In desperation, I gripped onto anything, trying very hard to remain above the surface of the ground. The incident happened in a wink of an eye; as I closed my eyes, I opened them in a strange place.

My spirit knew that this was a section of Hell itself. I looked around at so many little hills which never seemed to have an end. I was surrounded by very dirty, black, grey, dusty grounds.

Before me appeared a grey cemented statue reaching into the skies of Hell. I looked up into the skies of Hell, as they appeared dark-reddish-black. I don’t know how long this creature stood there as if it was waiting for someone.

Suddenly, I saw two, young, white men falling from the sky into Hell. They landed in front of this statue. I could clearly see the features of these strangers. Shocked, I noticed that the statue bent down, picked one of these men up and threw him without any effort.

I watched as this person flew like a piece of helpless thing. Turning in that direction, I saw this man fall into a river of fire. My spirit knew that this was the River of Fire. Waves of liquid lava flowed from an unknown source.

Somehow, I knew that I was not permitted to feel the heat or smell any stench or hear the agonizing screams of the tormented. I knew that I was only allowed to observe in silence.

The creature turned to the second man and effortlessly threw him also into the River of Fire. I noticed blurred forms of other people moving as wave after wave of liquid lava whirled and swirled around them.

I looked at these two men who had landed in the liquid lava. I was allowed a clear view of their faces. I will try to describe what I saw, but again my words are inadequate. The heat alone caused their skin to melt onto their bones. Deep, dark, agonizing, indescribable pain distorted their countenances. They bit and ground their teeth to relieve the awfulness of their suffering, but nothing, and nothing seemed to bring any relief.

hell's fires 4

When this creature turned, my spirit knew that I was its next victim. I showed a clean pair of heels as this ugly thing’s arms stretched a mile to snatch me. I fled with every bit of strength left in me, over every hill in this section of Hell.

Close behind me fumed this enormous creature. Like lightning, I sped out of harms reach. Later, I noticed that it was in my power to mock and to stick out my tongue. It gave me the greatest of pleasure to torment this awful-looking human-demon. The more I tormented this thing, it appeared that it shrank in size. The more furious it became, the more it shrank in size until it was just over five-feet tall.

The cement-coloured statue changed to a person of flesh and blood. Turning around, I grabbed hold of him and threw him into the River of Fire. He just about managed to grab onto the embankment.

In desperation, I stomped with all my might onto his face. The more I forced him to fall into the liquid lava, the more desperately he held onto the embankment. He knew that once he fell into the River of Fire, that there was absolutely no hope of ever coming out.

Instantly, the two men who were thrown into the liquid lava, grabbed hold of his legs. The heat alone caused an agonizing distortion on its face. I opened my eyes in this great struggle; for days afterwards I was sick.