Book 8 – The Book of the Dead

During the first week of December, I was shown in a Spirit dream, of a certain matter. Mom and I were at my grandmother’s place together with this person. On gathering, she produced a book and handed it over to us. On the cover, we read “The Book of the Dead”, so we began paging through it.

Revealed in the first half of the book were pictures of everyone who had died, together with the cause of their death. The second half of the book contained pictures of everyone who was going to die prematurely not fulfilling their complete lifespan.

As we paged through the second half, we were shocked to see a picture of a certain sister. For some reason or other, she would not fulfill the call on her life. She would see death prematurely. This person stated that it was her duty to keep an accurate record in The Book of the Dead.

In a Spirit dream of the 9th December 2013, my mother was shown that she was on her way to school. She noticed that her outfit was completely white. On arriving, she found a small group wearing the same outfit and knew that it was their uniform.

On entering the classroom, they were greeted by a female Teacher. As mom took her seat, she counted that there were less than ten pupils. Anyway, the lesson began as the Teacher referred to a certain document. However, such material could not be found, not even by the Teacher herself. The entire class of students was eager to understand the lesson, so they continued the search.

In a morning Spirit vision of the 12th December, I was walking for hours through mountainous areas between Worcester and Paarl. As I neared the entrance to a mountain tunnel, the presence of evil hung heavily.

From behind a tree situated at the entrance of this tunnel, there appeared a dirty, grey demon with huge eyes. He had a smooth skin and was about my height. This thing communicated through telepathy; he said that he had waited for me for hours.

He also knew that I was on a journey to Cape Town. My spirit knew the purpose of this alien was to cause a terrible accident should I pass through the tunnel. I was given no choice but to fight to the death.

Immediately, my defenses stood up as I grabbed its huge head. With all my might, I rebuked in Jesus’ Name, using the Blood of Jesus. I stood dumbstruck as this thing stood unmoved. Once again, I rebuked using the Holy Fire, but this demon stood firm.

By now, I could not show that my legs were shaking, so I grabbed its head using the Blood of Jesus mixed with Holy Fire, but nothing happened.

I stood deep in thought with this thing’s head in my hands. To my amazement, this demon stood as if he had allowed me to keep his head in my hands, with a “now what about it?” attitude!

Immediately, the Holy Spirit revealed to me, “Use the Blood of Jesus and mix it with Holy Fire together with the Holy Electricity.” 

Violently, I shook its head stamping my feet and screaming, “I use the Blood of Jesus mixed with the Holy Fire together with the Holy Electricity, not a hundred percent, but a thousand percent full blast!” 

Immediately, there appeared from Heaven, Holy Electricity which looked like a long streak of lightning. The Blood of Jesus together with Holy Fire wrapped around the lightning struck the demon with a loud noise. A blood-covered demon fled in a wink.