Book 8 – Warfare with Medusa

In this crucial moment, I was taken into yet another Spirit vision where warfare with Medusa intensified greatly. I realized that we were, at this moment, not in intense warfare with my relative, but with one of Hell’s best offered.

There are no words to actually tell you the terribleness this warfare reached insomuch that we fled to Uganda to do missionary work, hoping that during this period the intensity would subside.

On arrival, we discovered the many different tribes, so each day, we evangelized to a different tribe. This was our missionary plan set up. On our very first day that we approached one of the many tribes, we noticed that they were wearing their tribal outfit.

These were about their tribal rituals led by two most powerful witchdoctors. That day, we came face to face with what unraveled into a nightmare. We discovered that while aboard the flight, Medusa had been sent by this relative to Uganda to destroy our evangelizing plan; so this unfolded into intense warfare before we could begin our missionary work.

The witchdoctors swung their rods outrageously, chanting violently. They poured terrible curses over us so that we fled for our lives. In this most awful situation, we ran on foot back to South Africa. We reached her brother’s place completely bewildered and out of breath.

He was shocked to see the state in which we came to him. Her brother was very happy to have us, but mom insisted that the Lord had sent us to the poorest of the poor. Mom explained that we were chosen by the Lord to live in Mitchell’s Plain. “It was not our choice but the Lord’s so we have to return,” she explained. “You have to understand that although there are many others, the Lord chose us to engage in such intense warfare.” With that we greeted him and left in whatever state we had come to him.

That day, mom and I gathered and according to all that the Lord Jesus had revealed, she obeyed. I opened Facebook and proceeded to profile where my picture was scrutinized.

Indeed, indeed, our Spirit eyes opened; Medusa was attached to my profile picture. This evil spirit protruded out of my picture and disfigured my face. There was a deep cleft from under my nose through my lips into my chin. Oh, the most terrifying image you could ever imagine.

Immediately, we obeyed the Lord’s instructions and deleted the photo. Mom then sent Medusa back through Facebook together with disfigurement and death. Then every curse, spell, chanting and incantation to cage me in was broken and sent back through Facebook.

Mom did all the necessary and then she said, “I use The Blood of Jesus mixed with the Holy Fire and the Holy Electricity, not one hundred per cent, but a thousand percent full blast through Facebook’s open doorway. Let Medusa not escape Your Holy Wrath Lord. In the Name of Jesus and with the Power of the Blood of Jesus, I now close and seal this open doorway forever. 

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, I also close and seal this door so that no other Satanist or demon is able to access Yolin’s Facebook. Lord Jesus, I now seal her Facebook with Your Blood mixed with Holy Fire together with Holy Electricity so that whoever or whatever evil attempts to access into Yolin’s Facebook, will be struck with Your Deadly Weapons. For You have also prepared for Yourself Deadly Weapons; You also make Your arrows fiery shafts according to Psalm 7 verse 13.” 

Psalm chapter 35.