Book 9 – Elvi Zapata with Message from Father

Chapter Three – Exorcism

During the month of May 2014, I was in yet another Spirit vision of the night in which Elvi Zapata approached me. My Spirit knew Brother Elvi as a True Prophet of the Holy Lord Jesus. My Spirit also knew that he had been to Heaven on so many, many, many different occasions.

Brother Elvi said that he had returned from Heaven and had a Message from the Father.

I cannot tell for how long he stood before me, but he began to share his experience with me.

“I was especially taken to Heaven to be given this Message for you by the Lord Jesus,” he said. In Spirit, we were in the same place at the same time.

Then Brother Elvi said, “Jesus said, in order to be able to enter Heaven, one must be so Perfect!”

Upon hearing this, my countenance dropped; such deep hurt came upon me. He could actually see my hurt and pain as I stood deep in thought. “That means that the whole human race is destined to go to Hell because nobody is perfect.” The hurt became the more sorrowful. “That means that I would also be destined to go to Hell.”

[2 Samuel 22:33]” God is my Strength and Power, and He maketh my ways Perfect.” 

[1 Kings 8:61]”Let your heart therefore be Perfect with the Lord our God, to walk in His Statues, and to keep His Commandments as at this day.” 

[Psalm 138:8]”The Lord will Perfect that which concerneth me.” 

Reader, only the Lord Jesus can Perfect that which concerns you! Moreover, only He is your Strength and Power and only He can make your ways Perfect.

I opened my eyes, troubled, but later, dozed off when I found myself hovering just under the Entrance of Heaven. Suddenly, I spotted something moving toward the Entrance; with great interest I watched. I then realized that it was a soul of a person approaching.

At that moment, a certain Believer appeared beside me. With great determination, she began rebuking this soul, stomping her feet. Shocked at what was happening I thought, “If this soul has died on Earth and has come up to enter Heaven, why would this Believer rebuke this soul?”

While contemplating upon this matter, the whole scene changed. As this Believer kept on rebuking, this soul actually changed into a pig! Still shocked beyond words, I thought, “I am witnessing a foul spirit trying to enter Heaven. This foul spirit had disguised itself as a soul!”

I watched in horror as this thing fell headlong down to wherever it came from and disappeared.