Book 9 – Christian School

A couple of days later, the Lord Jesus once again showed me that I accompanied certain Believers. We were entering a Christian School for enrolment and started searching the place. Around the school we ascended to the first level where we met an African man.

The passageway was filled with the most gruesome scene. There were pieces of human flesh and blood everywhere. This tour guide stood in the centre of everything and welcomed the Believers.

He said, “To be accepted into this Christian school you have to go through an initiation.” Further he told us to jump on the pieces of human flesh and blood. He also stated this was his culture which was rooted and knitted into different religions.

So I understood why the African peoples were Christians or Muslims or Hindus etc. and why they also participated in their own cultural beliefs. I also understood that these people brought their culture into the Church. These peoples considered that mixing their culture with life itself was not wrong. The secret of this mystery was brought to light.

Out of a clear blue sky, His Voice descended like a Dove and told me, “That is not culture or religion, it is occult. You are in an occult school for witches and warlocks for Satanists and for such type of teachings.”

I thought that it was as the name stated – “Christian School.” Then His soft Voice spoke again, “This is actually an occult school and not a Christian school. So that the people will not be aware of it! By the end of their schooling these innocent people are graduated as Satanists or Occultists.”

After the Revelation was fully shown to me, His Voice stopped and the white Dove disappeared. So together we jumped for an hour, chanting words I cannot recall. After an hour, he stopped us and remarked, “It is done.” Immediately after the initiation, an indescribable dark force covered us.

I had always wondered why African people always had a certain type of darkness shielding them. In the Spirit vision my mind opened to understand its secret or mystery, why the initiation?

Thereafter, the African guide led us to begin our first class; I became terribly sick, almost unto death.

Then His Voice came again, “Plead the Name of Jesus…” Immediately, I pleaded the Name of Jesus; how long for I do not know!

Suddenly, the darkness fled and the deathly sickness left. The indescribable darkness over the Believers broke. Yet I kept on pleading the Name of Jesus when instantly, the guide grabbed his forehead. His neck bent backward as his screams filled the air and the entire school.

The Name of Jesus caused severe pains so that his physical body took on the form of the demon spirit he had dedicated himself to. I actually witnessed that it was not the ‘guide’ any longer, but his personal demon [the exact image in the illustration] which stood screeching clutching its head.

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