Book 9 – Citizens of the City under the Sea

01 January

For three weeks, we were once again under tremendous, dark warfare not knowing where the attacks were coming from. My mother and I started fasting, seeking the Lord Jesus for revelation.

The following Spirit vision said it all; my spirit hovered in midair above sea and land when I began to see an unusual rise of the sea waters. In this instance, I saw the abnormal.

I was back in my physical body. The entire place, Cape Town, shook and rent as multitudes turned hysterical. Mom and I ran out only to meet a huge tsunami. I knew that the occurrence of the tsunami was to cause a great earthquake.

The tsunami covered the whole of Cape Town; miles and miles into the inland, broke off completely and sank into the ocean. The entire Cape Town shifted, joined as one with the ‘City under the Sea’. I knew that everyone was not dead, but alive, and were now citizens of the City under the Sea and no longer citizens of Cape Town.

A few friends and I decided to swim up to the surface of the sea to investigate. Astonishingly, we could not see Table Mountain; it had also sunk under the sea. Fearful and shaken, we returned to where the City sank.

Reader, I suggest you please read the following book (‘The Witchdoctor and The Man, City under the Sea’). I quote a passage from it – “I know that many will not believe my testimony concerning the ’City under the Sea’. I have spent twelve years in the City under the Sea and know that the place is real. The City does exist spiritually.”