Book 9 – City under the Earth

At the end of the month of June, I was back in a Spirit Revelation along with a group of women. We were seeking our friend who had been captured by one of the spirit kings and taken to his domain in the City under the Earth.

On arriving at this king’s house which was situated in a huge forest, we noticed that he was not at home. So the search began for a trapdoor, which was discovered under a mat with a table placed over it.

Soon we were carefully wriggling our way through the tunnel which led to an enormous city under the earth. We knew that this spirit king had established this city which was his domain.

Our friend was held captive in this huge place by this spirit king. Not only was she outfitted as Cinderella, but that was also her proper name. Her photo which hung on the wall above the trapdoor, had given us this link as to where to find her.

Tunnel under the earth

The tunnel led us through unimaginable places, things and activities. Although it would be an advantage for you to know this information, for some reason, the Lord had removed it from my mind. I just cannot recall the unimaginable.

Anyway, being extra careful, we made our way through the massive city. You name it, they were all present; the spirit king’s spies, Satanists, occultists etc…

The next thing we remembered was opening our eyes in a very strange room. Everyone was strapped to a sort of hospital stretcher. Although I could not move, I realized that a tip of a needle was suspended actually touching my flesh, causing me to be paralyzed.

Divine Power somehow entered me. I had more than enough Strength to break out of this demonic grip. Instantly, I flew to free the others, so we escaped.

Finally we arrived at the entrance of an enormous gathering hall and soon spotted Cinderella who was already on stage. The hall was filled with great masses of ordinary local citizens of the Earth, which the spirit king invited.

I was overly shocked to witness such great multitudes of ordinary people from every walk of life! People of every nation, color and creed arrived at the City under the Earth.

While this king was in his backstage room, we made a dash through the crowds to save her. Just as she spotted us, the spirit king made his appearance.

Each showed a clean pair of heels with the king’s army of Satanists, occultists, guards etc. close behind.

Our lives were indeed in great danger. This king had actually announced that for Cinderella’s punishment, he would marry her! This not only shocked her but the masses gasped and were dumbstruck.

[Isaiah 42: 6-7] I the Lord have called you for a righteous purpose and in righteousness; I will take you by the hand and will keep you; I will give you for a covenant to the people for a light to the nations. To open the eyes of the blind, to bring out prisoners from the dungeons, and those who sit in darkness from the prison.