Book 9 – Curses Part Nine

In a vision of the morning of the 7th February 2014, upon my bed, in reality I soared at a phenomenal speed towards Heaven. Instantly, I stood amidst pure white clouds before two pillars. These were enormous. I could not see the top but my spirit knew that these pillars led to one of the Entrances of Heaven.

I stood in awe, just absorbing the minutest surroundings; then finally my eye fell on another pillar way off. Knowledge was imparted to me that there were only two existing spirit realms. The Realm of Heaven and the realm of Hell! Revelation was also imparted into my spirit that nothing else mattered – only the Realms of Heaven and Hell.

Just then, Real Fullness of the Name of Jesus filled my inner being. My spirit could not think of anything else but responded only to the Name of Jesus. Spontaneously, I began uttering, “Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…!” I wept uncontrollably: Perfect Truth is only in the Name of Jesus. 

“Lord, I give You one hundred percent of my ALL.” Divine response instantly flooded from the Presence of the Lord Jesus. There was an actual outpouring of Water over me. A Fire Baptism ignited as each minute drop entered me. I lay on my back weeping profusely, uttering the Name of Jesus… Jesus… Jesus…!