Book 9 – Devil’s Triangle

During the wee hours of the 14th August 2014, I was in the spirit yet also in my physical form. I cannot fully explain it, but I was to participate in an illustration and taken to a strange place above South America.

Bermuda Triangle

Falling from the sky, I entered a porthole and discovered that another sky existed. As I came through the porthole, I gazed around for miles and miles. It was a huge country on its own, secluded and isolated from the outside world.

There are things your spirit just knows or the Holy Spirit revealed to my spirit. A supernatural dome covered the entire country and sky. The world outside could not look in. From the outside, one could only see ocean but from the inside, the citizens once knew that an outside world existed. There was no other exit but through the porthole I fell through.

Suddenly, I saw Yamah, king of Hell, racing at lightning speed towards the porthole. He was coming directly at me and with enormous force hit me.

Yamah Demon King of Hell

I cannot tell what happened, but I found myself standing on solid ground. The place was beyond strange to really, really describe. There was everything in existence just like another world.

I began strolling along a very long, long road for what seemed like hours and hours. Houses aligned the hills and trees in an ordinary countryside. I had walked until it grew dark, thinking that weariness, however, was far from me.

From one of the houses came a middle-aged woman who had grey streaks showing through the black of her hair. She knew that I was a stranger and treated me with kindness. Before I dozed off after supper, she said that the following day she would explain all things to me.

The next morning, I found her boiling water in an iron kettle over the coals. As soon as we had had breakfast, I was dressed in a long, white dress. While pondering all these happenings, I was adorned like one of the ancient Egyptian women.

“Once you are here, you will never be able to leave” she said. “You are in a different country here; everyone has a position. If someone says that they do not have one then they are lying. Even I have a position.

When anyone comes to this place, the way you came in, then I have to take them in. I have to prepare that person according to their position as it is given to me. This automatically comes to me then I bedeck that person.”

With that she placed a thick, gold chain over my neck and said, “You are queen of the country.” Queen of the coast was part of my position. Dumbstruck, I sighed!

I was in a hopeless situation; I did not even want to be there. Everything was not out of my own free will; it was just placed on me or onto anyone who fell through that porthole.

Then she said, “Everyone here is alive; none of us has died and come here. We are all flesh and blood and have our physical bodies as well.” While in the process of explaining my position, my duties and my powers, they activated and manifested simultaneously.

“There are a few more things still to be done,” she muttered. “Come along with me.” Once again, I walked along the same long, long road. I noticed that there were graves, when she began to explain, “People have died here. This has gone on for centuries long before my own time.”

We stopped at the seashore and entered the waters knee deep. I noticed that when the waters touched my feet, they became like mud. I was shocked! What had happened?

“That is one of your abilities,” she said. “The waters are subjected unto you.” At that, the presence of a very powerful force came through the porthole unnoticed. The citizens of that place, in their own time zone, could literally feel diabolical waves moving through the entire place, although they had not seen him entering.

She continued, “I came here when I was very young and grew old.” Looking up the woman muttered, “That is Satan coming.” I too looked up and knew that it was Satan. He flew over the land towards us accompanied by four demons.

“Satan is ruler here; he established everything here. Anyone or anything which passes through this atmosphere gets sucked up. Only Satan and his demons are able to leave, but none of us. From time to time, the demons would come, but Satan always comes to check up on all things”, she continued.

I looked at these atoms which moved about in the form of a body. Now as Satan flew over me, I grabbed his feet, wanting to kill him but with great force, I was dragged through the water.

I knew that I could not harm a spirit. I was there in my physical body and was no match for Satan.

At this point, I really discovered that I could breathe under water. I cannot explain how I could be there in my physical body yet my physical body was also lying on the bed at home. I was in two different places at the same time.

Only the Holy Lord Jesus Christ could have brought this about! I stood eye-ball to eye-ball, face to face with the Devil. For how long, I do not know, but I kept my eyes fixed on him. I could hardly believe this even though I was trying to grasp every bit of it.

Satan Disguised as Freezer

This was Satan’s new form he disguised himself as Freezer


The woman interrupted, “We cannot go further because you have messed your outfit. The initiation cannot proceed; we have to do it on another day.” I watched Satan as he flew like lightning from place to place, attending to many things.

Instantly, I was back at home and knew that this place truly existed. It was more real than what you could imagine Reader; I have been there. I was sick for many days, my body was bruised and sore.