Book 9 – End Time Ministries to Unite

During the last week of July 2014, in a Spirit dream, Christ End-Time Ministries arrived at a certain place where the gathering of all End-Time Ministries were to meet and unite as ONE on Earth. We were to meet Kenneth Hagen who had gone to be with the Holy, Holy, Holy Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

There and then, a being that had a form of a human, confronted us. This evil masqueraded in its genius to persuade the Ministry to go into the Mall. I noticed that the being, whose eyeballs were totally black, exuded great evil powers. My spirit knew that this was the demon of Free Mason and was on a diabolical assignment to deceive even the very Elect.

The suddenness of a raging outburst turned violent as this thing, like a roaring lion, was ready to devour anyone. Everyone showed a clean pair of heels as the scene changed into another Spirit dream.

This time, Christ End-Time Ministries was on route to Brother Michael’s place. Along the way, we were met by a werewolf that I knew to be the spirit of Free Mason.


Once again, we fled with werewolf close behind us. I knew that once this spirit pounced upon anyone, with the speed of lightning that person would be shredded. It would seem unreal, but the one who had been killed would not even realize that he had been shredded.

Anyway, this beast went for the weakest; I realized that the toddler could not run fast enough so I turned towards the werewolf, took my shoe and smashed it as hard as I could. Imagine, it was like a pin prick, so I turned and fled. I opened my physical eyes unable to sleep.