Book 9 – Facebook / WhatsApp

For months we had fought hard-to-describe warfare coming through Facebook and WhatsApp. Reader, you have to be extra careful who your friends are on Facebook and WhatsApp.

The Lord has given me a Spirit Revelation in which I was shown that every second person on Earth was a Satanist. Sure enough, every second person was either a Satanist, Occultist, Lesbian, fraudsters using occult or those who believed absolutely in their ancestral culture or demon doctrines…

Anyway, mom and I experienced many months of sleepless nights. She sought the Lord as to why intense warfare became a nightmare. There was an uncontrollable manifestation of demons.

These fierce things would emit certain growling which sounded like they were chanting. Their chanting cast spells over her and would cause her to drift off to sleep, paralyzing her physical body.

She would plead the Blood of Jesus in her mind but to no avail. Each morning, after a torturous night, we rolled out of bed sick. There seemed to be an explosion in our physical heads as if they would fall off and roll uselessly to one side.

Every joint felt out of place and an excessive burning and excruciating pain greeted us each morning. Puzzled, she said to me, “Yolin, we are going to fast. Seek the Lord earnestly.”

Indeed, we could actually feel the difference which manifested in our physical bodies. Revelation after revelation came from the Lord. Reader take heed of each Book of:

Spiritual Warfare 

The Purple Robe

The following was shown to me by the Lord Jesus Who spoke to me. He said, “It’s the fraudsters.” They were attaching mind-control with a mixture of witchcraft, occult and voodoo to my Facebook. Each time I activated Facebook or WhatsApp, a door opened and an untold number of evil spirits flooded through.

There had been one of Ghana who came through Facebook in the name of friendship. A couple of months later, I noticed that he had changed his photo. Immediately, I alerted my mother. “Look! This photo is completely demonic. This person is looking through a crystal ball.”

I did as Mom advised me and deleted him from my Facebook. During that month, the Lord gave me Revelation after Revelation and we understood that once again we faced demonic onslaught coming through a crystal ball!

Mom told me to activate Facebook on my Cellphone then she began, “Every demon associated with [so and so] coming through the crystal ball he uses, I command to be bound in Jesus’ Name. In the Name of Jesus, I send you back through the open door on Yolin’s Facebook. 

I mix the Blood of Jesus with Blazing Holy Fire and Holy Electricity, not a hundred percent but a million percent, full blast. Destroy…destroy… destroy every demon associated with [so and so]. I command every single one of you to flee back through the door you operated through. 

In the Name of Jesus, I release the Blood of Jesus through Facebook to utterly splinter the crystal ball into millions of pieces. Wind of the Holy Spirit scatter the pieces never to be put back together again. 

I also release the Holy Electricity to strike [so and so] that he flees in sheer horror. In the Name of Jesus, I sever every link in the spirit realm between [so and so] and Yolin’s Facebook. 

Lord Jesus, set a watch over the sealed door so that when he wants to access Yolin’s Facebook, Lightning will be released a million percent full blast.” 

As time passed, this person became someone of the forgotten past and so did the fraudsters.

A time had passed when warfare intensified so greatly that we had no answer as to where it was coming from. The Lord Jesus had given me a Revelation in which an alien demon stood behind my door.

I began punching and hitting the thing, but it was less than a pin-prick to him. I pleaded the Blood of Jesus for some time but nothing happened. I stood pondering when His Voice said, “Use the Name of Jesus.”

“J- e- s- u- s… J- e- s- u- s…” Power and Authority surged through my voice. Each time the Name of Jesus filled the air, it hit the alien like an iron fist.

Finally, I shouted, “J – e – s – u – s….”, and Divine Power struck full blast. The thing was thrown against the wall and exploded into a million pieces.

Yet in another Revelation, I strolled across a field which appeared to be miles long. Suddenly, I noticed the figure of a person approaching me. As it came nearer, I realized that it was not human but in fact a demon of average height. To all appearance it was blacker than black, having smooth skin.

My first reaction was, “The Blood of Jesus” poured from my lips. I moved my hands to form a dome. Unexpectedly, a Blood-Red dome appeared, covering me. Surprisingly, as I looked, I understood it to be the Protecting Blood of Jesus. Now this evil thing tried in every possible way to break through the dome but failed hopelessly.

During the second week of April 2014, a suddenness of chaos broke out when warfare ran out of control. Mom was shown in a Spirit dream that many, many came to arrest her. There was no chance to defend herself against a mob completely maddened, accusing her falsely.

She was shouting, “It is better for you to shoot me now. Execute me now!” These were demons who chanted, “No, you must be led away, then die.” Together with mom who was crawling, I began to sing. Bound, she wept bitterly; the only Words she could utter were, “Jesus, Jesus, I Love You.”

That same night, the most disgusting stench filled the entire house just as she was about to close her eyes. She began rebuking but to no avail; the more she rebuked, the worse the growling grew.

Exhausted, she retired to the room at three in the morning and said, “Yolin, use the Revelation the Lord has given you.”

So off I went and stood in front of the fridge and said, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.” In a wink, my Spirit eyes opened and I yelled, “Mummy, pig-man is about to attack me.” 

“So now demon, your secret has been revealed,” she uttered. Together we continued in Power and Authority, “J – e – s – u – s … J – e – s – u – s … The Blood of Jesus… The Blood of the Lamb… The Blood of Jesus…” 

I was screaming, “The pig-man is lying on its side.” We continued pleading the Blood of Jesus until pig-man disappeared. Immediately, the Spirit realm was covered with Red Blood. Oh, how very rare to experience it!

The next day, while my friend Facebooked me, growling came once more from behind the fridge. Mom said, “Yolin, it seems that this very demon is the one your friend opened a door to. You said she loves to sing and dance with R&B although she is a Believer.”

“I understand us to be in a different class because we are experiencing differently.” “When anyone phones us or uses Facebook or is in our area, who has opened a door to any demonic influence, the very demon activated by them is what we would face.

What experiences? 

People won’t believe us; how do we make known this type of spiritual warfare?”