Book 9 – Fornicating – Demons

In a vision of the night of the 29th April, Brother Michael, who is the Pastor of Christ End-Time Ministries, took the family for an outing. We stopped at a garage while some of us got out, but one of the relatives remained resting.

The suddenness of the appearance of an UFO shocked everyone present. As the spaceship hovered over the vehicle, an alien disguised as an old woman descended. This old woman went to this certain relative; using iron gadgets, she began pushing them up her private parts.

The entire family looked upon the unimaginable, unbelievable scene. The awfulness could not be explained in earthly terms or words, but it was altogether gruesome. After the terribleness, the job was completed and she returned to the hovering spaceship which disappeared within seconds.

Later, another alien, about a meter and a half in height appeared. This thing had a dirty, white, smooth skin and had holes for its ears, eyes, nose and mouth. Trembling at the evil exuded from the demon who paraded among us.

Although we knew that this certain relative had had a sexual affair with this thing, each one looked intently, when all of a sudden, I grabbed its head blurting out, “Rapture… Rapture…Rapture!!!”

I did not know where the words were coming from, but it really had no impact on the alien. Once again the Words were revealed unto me to say, “The Bride of Christ” so I grabbed its head and began pleading, “The Bride of Christ… The Bride of Christ…

Each time I blurted out “The Bride of Christ”, my Words hit the thing like a sledgehammer. This alien screeched in tormenting pain and grabbed its head.

The most awful thing was that this thing did not flee. Later, I understood that this thing had legal ground to be among us because of the sexual relationship with this certain relative.

Altogether disgusted, the family returned home. I looked at her in the Spirit and saw such darkness over her. While the Pastor began reprimanding this person, I opened my physical eyes.