Book 9 – Freezer

During the wee hours of the 9th June, I was back in the spirit realm. I had heard a thump on the rooftop and went out to investigate.

Freezer - Second Form

Turning around at the gate situated at the side of the house, I came face to face with Freezer whom I knew to be in Dragon Ball Z. This evil spirit had powered up to super limits.

Immediately, God’s Power surged into me until my hair grew long. Even the color changed to a deep yellow. My hair automatically raised up into spikes because of a Powerful Fire released in me.

A fierce combat broke out as we flew upon and over rooftops. This very powerful-like machine monster had matched the Power Fire released in me. I do not know for how long we fought a hard but equal battle.

What had taken place in the spirit realm caused me to open my physical eyes, feeling very, very ill. My mother rushed to the bathroom; I was in the process of a total blackout. The Fire that was released in the spirit realm was actually burning me up in the physical realm.

“My physical body feels so t-e-r-r-i-b-l-e, as if I just want to die but it seems as though I am not able to. Great heat is pouring out of my physical body causing me to have a blackout,” I wept. “Jesus… Jesus… J-e-s-u-s… J-e-s-u-s… help… h-e-l-p… J-e-s-u-s…h-e-l-p… m-e…”

I got more and more desperate. When my mother prayed for me, the Fire burned even fiercer. When I played Jimmy Swaggart – “He Calms The Storm That Is Raging” – the Fire burned even worse.

As I was sprawled out on mom’s bed, Terry MacAlmon sang “Even so, come Lord Jesus come. Even so, take Your Bride away. How my soul longs to be with You my Lord. Even so, even so, come Lord Jesus come…”

I was actually crying when immediately the Fire began to subside.

Reader, you may not believe what is written, but I spent most of the day recovering.