Book 9 – My Grandfather

During the month of March 2014, I was in the Spirit when I heard, “Look, there’s the Lord, there’s the Lord!” I spun around to look up, anxious to see the Lord. I had waited in full expectation for the Rapture. Now it was racing through my mind! Amidst so many, this person was overexcited to see the Lord. I became disappointed to not be able to witness this Great Event! The Rapture.

“Look, Jesus is coming on a brilliant cloud!” he shouted, pointing towards Jesus Who stood on a fish-shaped cloud. “There the Lord goes again with BB (my granddad).”

I stood bewildered, thinking that The Rapture had just happened. “The Lord is saying that the Rapture has been delayed and that He came to fetch your grandfather.”

I don’t know why only at this point I was allowed to see Jesus. He was holding my grandfather’s right hand. They ascended to Heaven and disappeared.

Jesus Christ

During the early hours of the morning of 6th June 2014, my grandfather was taken into an open Spirit vision. His entire room became the actual Presence of the Crucifixion. He watched as the Lord Jesus, amidst the jeers, carried His cross. The crown of thorns pierced into his temples. Among the crowd, he clearly saw Mary Magdalene plus many others.

The type of wood that the cross was made of had huge sharp splinters. This

was the most touching moment in his lifetime which he had never thought he would experience. My granddad looked at the picture of the Holy Lord Jesus; then he turned to the Crucifixion and confessed. “Truly, truly, the picture in my room is the Blessed Holy Lord.”