Book 9 – My Mother

Yet in another night vision, I was with a friend and decided to investigate what appeared to be a secret door in a wall of our house. On touching the wall, the secret door swiveled around. I called to my friend and together we went through. Reader for earthly minds to really grasp the reality of what happened next, no pen is able to describe.

Together with my friend, we stood on the most luscious, rich, green grass which stretched for miles. Flowers I had never ever imagined, adorned this most beautiful garden.

Absolutely stunned by the beauty of it all, I ran like a little child and at once knew Divine Liberty – Freedom I’ve never experienced on Earth. I was running with great excitement and oh, for the love of flowers.

I opened my arms and immediately a complete bunch of the most adorable flowers filled my arms. These Divine flowers were actually singing the most beautiful praises. I was altogether carried away; these were swaying and nodding their heads in a Divine dance.

Then I noticed that in Heaven, flowers actually had eyes and a mouth. All praises were given to our Holy Father. I sat holding these and did not want to go back to Earth when I opened my physical eyes. Oh, I felt so g-o-o-d!

Flowers in Heaven

In a night vision of the 27th April 2014, upon my bed, mother and I were in a massive mall. We went shopping but could not find suitable jewelry for me. As we walked, she disappeared.

Instantly, I was with a man I loved dearly. He was above 6 feet tall and very fair. There was something about His light brown hair that was beyond unique. He was kind and full of compassion.

An abundant of Divine Love just emanated from Him. It seemed that we knew each other for a very long time. We strolled hand in hand and entered a shop. Suddenly he collapsed and had a massive stroke. I sought help but in that waiting, he died.

The scene changed as a relative and I chatted, pouring out my heart to her. She said, “It’s someone dear to you whose lifespan will be shortened.” I pondered about this matter and told her that the only one dear to me was my mother. “Yes, it is your mother.” As though she knew beforehand!

I could not control my deep inner emotions and burst out weeping profusely. Great sobs shook my form as she said, “I was interceding for her all the time without anyone knowing.” It stunned me beyond words. “The reason it did not stop or anything is because you did not intercede for her life.”

Her words caused me to be deep in thought; I should have interceded seeing that I am her daughter! Then she said, “The Law of Nature is already in motion!” Just then, my Spirit eyes opened; I looked towards the heavens and could clearly see into the first heaven; many stars were moving.

Suddenly, I saw a substance which moved towards Earth. This substance was not gas or matter or atoms; it was spirit and it was alive. This caused me to weep even more bitterly; I had actually seen the Law of Nature in motion.

The same morning, mom awoke from a Spirit dream in which there were only a handful running a race. We started off together but she had gone ahead of me. She climbed with ease over many high, diamond, wire fences and was about ten meters away from the destination.

Suddenly, the race became a slow-motion ending. Determined, she dug her fingers into the ground to move forward, but a heavy force tried to keep her back.

Mom had an object which she used to throw about a half-meter in front of her so that she would battle with all she had to reach that object. This is how each step of the last was accomplished. On reaching the finishing line, a very kind man placed a medallion around her neck.

I too, completed the race successfully. She began washing the dirt from her fingers. Those fingers she had dug into the ground in great determination to reach the Finish Line.