Book 9 – New Humans

It was the last Saturday of the month; my mother had quite a lot of downloads from Google. She decided to play one of Mary Rodwell called “The New Humans.”

In one of my Spirit visions, I was shown that she had done some research and had put a booklet together. It was one of Elvi Zapata’s prophecies in which the Holy Lord Jesus revealed a dark secret – demons in human form. This is a must to listen to, please Reader. [The actual video of Elvi Zapata is called “Hell 1-4”]

Anyway, Mary Rodwell had explained well the new humans that have covered the face of the Earth. She had used extracts from various people but one of the illustrations was about a lady who had contact with aliens. This person, without warning, began to communicate in alien language. It happened unexpectedly and came out so loud.

Immediately, our house began to have a terrible, rotten smell; the atmosphere grew so dark that I could cut it with a knife. Mom immediately stopped the recording and told me that we had to pray. “This person had released an alien call.”

How far into space it went I do not know, but that night the furthest alien had responded. Not only did the aliens respond as we sat praying, but when I looked into the spirit realm, I said to her, “We have visitors! There are two boys of the ‘new humans’ standing on your left. They have straight, blond hair and look like they are two or three years of age.” These brought the atmosphere of Hell itself!

New Humans

My mother raised her hands in a hard rebuke. Furthermore, we began to delete all downloads of Mary Rodwell and David Icke. I turned toward the door and said to her, “There is a white boy of about seven years old standing in the doorway.”

After rebuking, the new humans fled, but that night was one of the hardest so far; sleep left us. Weary and exhausted the following morning, my mother lay before the Father in deep repentance, sincere repentance. For how long, I do not know. The terribleness had fled! The atmosphere grew Light; thick, tormenting and dense darkness vanished. Praise the Lord.

The same day, I had a friendly request from a guy named Dino on Facebook. He had joined the Prayer Group of which I was a member. Remembering that my mother had warned me, together with my past experience, I had an urge to search his profile. Shocked, I discovered that his greatest friends were all Illuminati.

Immediately, I alerted the Prayer Group; my mother not knowing what was happening said, “We have an unwelcomed guest manifesting for some reason or the other!” She would always search for the source!

After explaining the matter to her, she faced an untold number of attacks, especially during the wee hours of the morning. Suction would force her out of her physical body, casting a paralyzing spell over her every morning when she was too weary and exhausted to defend herself. She would call on the Name of Jesus, “Help me, Holy Lord Jesus… Help…”

He is more than Faithful; each time a great response flooded through. Praise the Lord, although we awoke feeling as though a truck had ridden over us.