Book 9 – Pray in the Spirit your Confession

That morning, she awoke very sick; it seemed as though the entire realm of demonic atmosphere had descended upon her. Sitting at her desk, she began to pray, “Father, now I know that You are more than what my human mind understands. Though the darkness is intense to beyond what I can imagine, yet I am going to experience You this morning.”

As her tears streamed down her cheeks, Father began to manifest His overwhelming Presence. Oh, how words cannot describe Him when she uttered, “Father, thank You for Your Son Jesus and for what He has done for us on the Cross. Thank You Father, for Your Son Jesus… I desire ALL of Him – all I need is JESUS – He is my DESIRE – Father, I Love Him with all my heart…”

Her Confession in Prayer completely carried her away in the Spirit causing all unimaginable darkness to flee in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

The following night, the most disgusting stench swept through the house. Exhausted, mom dozed off. I had tried to get her to help me but she said that the evil spirit had cast a spell over her in her sleep.

During that time, the thing began rubbing her left arm but she was unable to move. Somehow, it fled and when she finally got up, warfare ended after six a.m. in the morning. Then she placed the tape recorder facing the fridge, playing Terry MacAlmon and fell asleep.

Once again, when she awoke she began her confession; her Love for the Father because of His Son and the Holy Spirit. Her form shook as she sobbed; when the thing appeared.

In less than a tick, it fled, for the Power of the Almighty responded to her confession. I awoke feeling sick, so mom anointed me with oil. She also stated the reason my nose would not stop running all year round.

“It’s a curse coming down the bloodline or it works from Heinie who used occult.” Straightaway, she anointed my E.N.T., rebuking the very curse activated in my bloodline and every infirmity placed upon me through occult.

“Depart into the dry and barren places and in Jesus’ Name, I command you never to return.” Thereafter, she closed and sealed all open doors. Immediately, my nose stopped running; I was soaring.