Book 9 – Prayer Shawl 1

In an early morning vision of the 10th September 2014, as I strolled along, a huge pair of hands came from Heaven. Immediately, I saw a halo around these hands which emanated Divine Light.

Father had answered my mother’s prayer in which she had asked Him what her next assignment was. She had put together a booklet of Elvi Zapata according to a vision given to me.

Our Faithful Father had responded; now in His hands was a booklet :

Prayer Shawl 1 

The entire front cover was ablaze with Holy Fire which appeared to be Living. The Holy Fire poured out of the Words in Great Divine Power. My spirit knew that this Prayer Shawl was unique – one of its kind.

I also understood the Father’s Hand giving me this Booklet had the fullness of His Presence. This Prayer Shawl booklet came from the Presence of the Almighty God. Every Word jumped out with blazing effect.