Book 9 – RFID Chip is the Mark of the Beast

Four days later, I was taken into a Spirit dream in which I participated in an illustration. When I opened my eyes, I muttered to my mother about the 666 and that I was terribly shaken with fear.

Anyway, I approached her that night trying very hard to describe my experience. I was with a person in a certain place evangelizing to him about the salvation of Jesus Christ. Suddenly, before our eyes, a fierce mob of demons in human bodies were chasing innocent people.

The poor victims were pinned down by the mob and the RFID chip was implanted into the victim’s hand. Terrified, my teeth gnashing, I watched as everyone fled to their place of safety.

These demons in human bodies had implanted the RFID chip by force into three-quarters of the residents of that place. My spirit knew that the RFID chip was the 666. 

Overwhelmed with fear, I sought to hide. While the demons were forcing the chip onto their innocent victims, I knew that I was next. Showing a clean pair of heels, I met two other women who were also fleeing.

A friend of one of these women had called her to safety and locked her door. By this time, an unknown fear gripped the citizens of that place. I could hear how loud my teeth were chattering and my knees were knocking.

The door opened as these women beckoned me to hurry inside. We rushed through a trap door into a basement below as she bolted and latched it. “Demons in human bodies have unusual strength,” she said. “The locked front door of my house will never keep them out.”

I opened my eyes unable to sleep; wearily, I muttered to my mother, “The RFID chip is the 666.” 

RFID chip

The aim will be to force everyone to accept a satanic mark on their right hand or forehead in order to buy or sell.[Revelation 13: 16 – 17]