Book 9 – RFID Chip

In a Spirit vision of the morning of the 22nd June 2014, I was shown RFID and what is about to take place in the very near future. I was in a massive building which I knew was a school. It was announced that the class I was in was to be taken on an excursion.

We arrived at a very huge building outside the city. On entering, I immediately noticed everything inside the place adorned in white. Such unearthly scientific gadgets were suspended everywhere. I knew these inventions truly existed but were top secret.

The entire place appeared to be one massive open plan. We were guided through these many, many weird inventions and finally came to an area like a huge well. The well which led into a basement was quite deep.

The entire group was led down a steel ladder where unearthly machines and gadgets were mounted everywhere. All the equipment had an untold number of nozzles. We then entered another room where rows of chairs were placed in front of a type of machine. This enormous thing was suspended from the ceiling. This machine had an untold number of laser nozzles.

Five white people entered wearing doctors’ outfits. One stepped forward and said, “This machine is good for your physical bodies and for your well being…” His words ‘Health – well being’ caught our attention.

In an unexpected moment, the machine was switched on. Immediately, hundreds of laser beam lights moved and flashed in all directions at great speed. Involuntarily, I fell to the ground covering my eyes.

My spirit just knew that these laser beams should not make contact with my vision. The entire group froze; they were mesmerized before these dazzling color flashes of laser lights. They became like zombies, not knowing that within seconds something was placed into their eyes.


With eyes tightly shut I tried hard to escape, and made for the door. As I was just about to leave, one of the doctors reached me. I too was forced to receive this thing in my eyes. Desperately I grabbed the front of his chest yelling out, “Is this RFID?”

“Yes, this is RFID,” He nodded. I looked back at my group who were bewildered they did not know what had actually taken place. When some overheard, five jumped up and made for the door; the others sat like zombies.

Unfortunately, these five had already received the RFID. I flew up the steel ladder as fast as I could and reached the top of the well. In great panic, I made my way towards the exit.

My mother had a great discernment to come to this place and found me in a terrible state. Immediately, I blurted out everything that had taken place. “RFID is forced onto the innocent in the blink of an eye.” 

In the meantime, those doctors released three very powerful demons to capture us. “Bring them back.”

I opened my physical eyes while we were in the process of fleeing for our lives. At our heels were the three monsters.

It is the morning of the 25th June; once again I was attending a massive school. On that occasion, the scholars went home at about seven in the evening. Surprised that an unusual darkness had set in, each one raced home.

The scene changed; I do not know how it came to be that each one held florescent floodlights. The floodlights made no difference as the night grew into a more ugly darkness. The darkness seemed so dense that one could literally cut it with a knife.

I knew my journey was very long so I showed a clean pair of heels with four floodlights held high. Yet others also had three or four floodlights held high.

[Romans 13: 12] “The night is far gone and the day is almost here. Let us then drop (fling away) the works and deeds of darkness and PUT ON THE FULL ARMOR OF LIGHT.” 

[John 9: 4] “We must work the works of Him Who sent me and be busy with His business while it is daylight; night is coming on, when no man can work. As long as I Am in the world, I Am the world’s Light.”