Book 9 – The diabolical tornado

Once again, words fail to make you as the Reader, aware of what is about to unravel in our country of South Africa. The following has a Spirit outlook.

In a Spirit vision of the morning Brother Michael (Pastor) together with his family arrived at our place. Driven by a supernatural urge, I was led outside. Shaken beyond words, I looked into an extreme tornado which spread across the entire land.

Diabolical Tornado

The entire sky had turned an unusual ugly black darkness. This very frightening tornado had reached quite far across land and sky. To the left of the tornado appeared extreme thunder and to the right, extreme lightning.

Huge streaks of thick lightning frightened me. I could not quite understand how this murderous tornado secretly swept so swiftly without sound. My spirit knew that dark forces had united. I was a witness to the diabolical which had reached South Africa and was to take everyone by surprise!

Beyond being just shocked, I urged the family to evacuate. After a long and hard struggle through jam packed traffic, we reached the Pastor’s house. Wasting no time we hastily secured the place.

The millions who fled had no place to hide. My spirit knew that the only ones who had a safe place was the Pastor together with his two sons, my mother and me.