Book 9 – Torture you would face after missing the Rapture

During the last week of July 2014, once again I was to experience great hopelessness Believers or unbelievers would have to go through should they miss the Rapture. 

My mother and I were at my grandparents’ place; they had gone home to be with the Holy Lord Jesus Christ. For comfort and gathering, a glass room had been built.

Whilst relaxing there, an event such as will never again occur, took place in an instant. In less than a blink of an eye, my spirit knew that ‘The Rapture’ had occurred.

Mom, who was busy in the kitchen, disappeared. The very second after the Rapture, the Earth’s entire atmosphere hung heavy. I knew that every demon from Hell, the second heaven, the city under the ocean and the city under the Earth – Satan’s entire hierarchy began ruling the world. I mean catastrophes, mental anguishes, unbearable sufferings, mutilations, cries of evil, deteriorations, etc. diabolically began to reign.

Every unimaginable monster, fiend, demon, devil, fiend in human shape, cannibal, bloodsucker, vampire, ghoul, vulture, ogre, medusa, enchantress, sorceress, dragon, every diabolical demoniac etc… was seen by the natural eyes of everyone who had missed the Rapture. 

The unimaginable hierarchy began chasing the people; they began eating them alive. The entire Earth twisted and turned before me as I thought, “Well, I just have to go through the Great Tribulation.”

Great oppression and depression hung overwhelmingly. Lifeless and weary, I thought that this was part of my experience I had to go through. While contemplating this, there was a heavy thump on the rooftop.

As I swung around, I came face to face with the very tokolorsie which came down the generational line. Yes, it was the demon that my mother had fought; the one I had fought on many occasions.

This thing, released from Hell assigned with unbearable tortures and torments, plunged violently at me. Instantly, an unseen protective covering was placed over me. Because it was not able to penetrate through to destroy me, I struck blow after blow.

It fled screaming painfully, but time and time again, it returned. This thing had great determination to devour me, but fled after it was beaten up badly. The entire days were worse than the previous.

When night fell, this thing returned with many, more evil than itself, as thumping-like footsteps sounded on the rooftop. The night was to be worse than the day; I had bathed and sought a period of peace and relief only to come face to face with the unbearable.

Weariness weighed me down and sleep was out of the question. I knew that if I fell asleep, I would be off guard; how I got through I do not know. Later, I moved to the glass room utterly exhausted; I drifted off to sleep only to be violently attacked.

Tokolorsie, with its sharp knife-like teeth, tore at my abdomen which was eaten up within seconds. I do not know how, but I managed to fight it off, when Divine Power stepped in.

The Presence of the Heavenly Being had caused the thing to flee. As the Heavenly Being touched me I was instantly healed. I had a brand new abdomen, healed completely.

Oh, what Divine Presence watched over me, night after night as I wearily drifted off to sleep thinking, “Is this how it would be for anyone who would be left behind?”

The reality of it all, all that I had faced for a solid week, became more than just real. So I understood what presently is very hard for the natural mind to accept.

At the beginning of August, I was once again taken into a Spirit dream in which Christ End-Time Ministries went far into the countryside. We had entered a strange place in George, not knowing anyone. Finally, we stationed ourselves in front of a dilapidated house which had been uninhabited for a long time.

Brother Michael, together with his sons, went into the forest to collect wood while my mother, myself and my two cousins started the cleaning up operation. Soon they returned and made two beautiful doors for the front and the back of the house.

Just over a huge hillside, I began seeing what looked like dogs moving at a fast pace toward the house. As they came nearer I immediately alerted the rest, “These are werewolves.”

With everyone safely inside, we saw that these werewolves were as huge as the house itself. The vicious things were starved, preying on anything in that village. Towards night, they had moved on to the next village so we ventured outside.

Werewolves pack