Book 9 – Zombie camera

That night, I approached her; she was busy compiling the Script. I told her that the thing was grunting behind the fridge. As I stood rebuking, the Holy Spirit flooded a certain incident before me.

As we sat discussing this matter, she led me into prayer. A year ago, I had purchased a zombie camera on my Cellphone. It had the ability to make zombie sounds.

Ignorantly, I had taken a photo of myself and produced a zombie that was my splitting image, making zombie sounds. Once again, mom was shocked, for I had given this thing the legal right in the spirit realm.

Imagine!!! No wonder we fought unimaginable warfare; who would ever believe it! Anyway, she led me into confession and told me to renounce the zombie image that looks like me. Immediately, this thing manifested and stood before us.

“Lord, You heard Yolin’s confession, that through ignorance she had created a zombie in her image. Yolin had renounced her zombie image as she stands present with us.” 

Now, as she prayed, this thing communicated to my mind! “How could you renounce me?” Immediately, mom raised her hands and rebuked old zombie. She commanded that all power that old zombie had over my soul, my body, my mind, my thought life and my will, be broken at once.

I actually experienced old zombie tearing away from my soul and body. It seemed as if my flesh was being torn away from my bones. My physical body was very shaky. So she laid hands on me, called back all parts of me and all the layers of my soul that I gave to old zombie.

“Come back in Jesus Name. Father, in Jesus Name, restore her soul and fill every layer of her soul with Your Life, with Your Love, with Your Light, Your Joy, Your Presence, Your Plans, Your Revelations, Your Word, Your Protection, Your Provisions, and ALL that fulfills You in her. In Jesus’ Name, in Jesus’ Name.” 

At once, my flesh was attached to my bones; oh, it felt so good!

During the month of April, the Lord revealed to me in a night vision that a friend and I strolled along a main road. It happened that this friend pointed to somebody on the opposite side of the road. It appeared that another person stood behind this man as a support.

I noticed that this thing had the appearance of a man, but had white eyes. Immediately, my mind understood that there was definitely something wrong.

My friend introduced him and said, “This is Lucifer, you must worship Lucifer because he is the lord himself. Jesus is not Lord – Lucifer is Lord Jesus.”

Instantly, I became upset at his statement and turned and walked away. “No.” I refuse whatever he cooked up. I also knew that the person supporting Lucifer was an evil spirit.