The Book of Jasher Uncloaked!

William F. Dankenbring


The book of Jasher, mentioned in the Biblical books of Joshua and Second Chronicles, was faithfully translated into English from the Rabbinical Hebrew in approximately A.D. 1840.

Virtually ignored since it was discovered, the Book of Jasher holds vital clues to interpreting and understanding Biblical chronology, from the Flood to the Exodus. A mistake made by Archbishop James Ussher, who was unfamiliar with the book of Jasher, led to a 60-year error in placing the birth of Abraham. But this error is corrected in the chronological keys provided by the book of Jasher. And with these keys, an intriguing, and astounding story emerges.

How is the Book of Jasher important to us, today?

It sheds marvelous light on the Biblical story, from the time of Adam and Eve, the time of Enoch, and the account of Noah’s Deluge, to the Tower of Babel, the tyrant Nimrod, and the story of Abraham and his descendants.

Needless to say, I cannot discuss the details of this remarkable historical record, which completely authenticates and corroborates Scriptural history, filling in many missing details deleted in the Scriptural record, in this article. I highly recommend the book for any who desire to perfect their knowledge of the ancient times, from Adam to the Exodus.

The book of Jasher provides a fascinating glimpse into the life of Enoch, who was a righteous ruler over men, continually instructing them in truth and uprightness, and a knowledge of the Most High God. It also tells us that in the days of “Peleg,” not only were the nations at Babel divided and scattered, but the earth itself was also divided. From this book we also learn that Noah and Abraham were contemporaries.

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