Book13: New Levels

New Levels

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In yet another Spirit revelation shown to mom and me at different times, Brother Michael together with mom and I were driving in a very huge vehicle.

I have no idea how to measure its size, but earth has never seen such a colossal. It drove unaffected through deep oceans and glided over huge mountains.

We knew it was an End Time Movement vehicle wholly and soley for the Glory of God in which He was in absolute control.

Yet in another Spirit Revelation, I was with a group who had an amazing amount of points to be able to be accepted into an unusual race. I understood it to be a lifelong race.

Furthermore, the two white people in charge made a very important announcement, “There will be only two who will be selected. This will not only be based on the points that these two have achieved, but also entirely on their parents.”

At this point, I could cut the atmosphere with a knife as each waited for the outcome. “Yolin, you have been highly selected.”

In the Spirit, I understood that the parents of the rest of the group were not Believers. I knew that the parents of the two selected would be True Believers. Also in Spirit, I knew that I had been given that Life-given race because of my mother.