Bread from the Potter – Days of Disorder


Source: Days of disorder – Bread from the Potter


Leviticus 26:29, Deuteronomy 28:53-57, 2 Kings 6:24-29, Isaiah 53:3, Jeremiah 19:9, Lamentations 2:20, Lamentations 4:10, Ezekiel 5:10, John 1:10-11, John 5:43.

Days of disorder

Days of despair are coming, days of hunger and thirst, days of hopelessness and violence.

All will feel the impact of these days and many will die from hunger, starvation, thirst, war and violence.

What will you do children? If you do not put your trust in me what will you do? Who will provide for you if you do not trust me? These will be the days when your faith will be severely tested.

Will you resort to violence to get sustenance? Will you rob and kill others in order to get their food and water? What will you do? Will you resort to cannibalism as some will do? For many people will go insane in the face of grave starvation and will do abominable things in order to survive.

Women will eat the very fruit of their wombs; some will eat their newborn babies.

Why do you cringe in horror? Is this something new? No, it is not, these horrors took place in Israel in the days of King Joram.

These horrors have taken place in modern times; the only reason why you have not heard of them is because they are done in secret.

These are the ravages of great disasters and wars.

Children if you do not cultivate a close trusting relationship with me now during the days of plenty how will you trust me in the days of lack? You do not know me, you do not know my great mercy and love therefore you will not trust me to take care of you in the middle of great disaster but another you will hearken to.

In the days of great desperation when another comes in my name proclaiming to be Messiah, Savior, and offering you a hand of help in return for a small request, his mark on your flesh and therein on your soul, you will quickly fall for him.

For he will arise during a time of great turmoil offering peace, safety, security and sustenance to a world in utter chaos and many will accept him and his mark for they will say it is just a mark, thinking that they can take it off afterwards after receiving what they need.

Not so children it is not just a mark but a contract of sustenance and security in exchange for your soul, an unbreakable contract, an everlasting covenant with evil.

Children, you must push your way past your flesh into my presence.

You must seek me now while the times are still in your favor, for a time is coming when you will be hunted like prey, you will be hunted for sport and your blood will be spilled indiscriminately.

Those who seek your life will see themselves as warriors for god; only the god they serve is Satan.

Is it not already happening? Are there not those who kill you gleefully in service to their god? Seeking an eternal gift of their own imagination, a lie that has been fed to them for thousands of years?

And yes they will receive a gift but not the one that they expect; their gift is an eternal death in the throes of hell itself.

Children, prepare now, pray now, if I have commanded you to move, move now, store food and water now.

What are you waiting for? If you truly believe me you would obey my words.

Your disobedience and hesitation shows your unbelief and mistrust of my instruction.

Move now while the window of opportunity to do so is still open.

Jesus, Amen.