Bread from the Potter – Financial immaturity


Bread from the Potter


Matthew 6:33, Matthew 16:26, Mark 8:36-38, Luke 12:34, 1 Timothy 6:10

Source: Financial immaturity – Bread from the Potter

Indeed I am above all but men have bowed their knee to one who is beneath, one who does not have power except that which was given him, a pretender, an imposter whose powers are limited.

Men can be bribed into anything for the right amount of money.

Countries have risen and fallen based on money, homes have been broken, lives lost and souls perished.

Children, money is a tool to be used in this life to pay for what you need it is not the be all and end all in life.

Some people have sold themselves for silver so convinced of its value above anything else.

Countries war over gold and diamonds.

People have been enslaved in the pursuit of money both those who pursue it and the ones used to acquire it.

I hear my children crying out to me for money and I do supply all that they need.

The reason many do not receive what they ask for as far as money is concerned is the fact that their hearts are tied to earthly things and if I were to give them the wealth that they so earnestly ask for they will instantly forget me because they have made money and wealth their fortress instead of looking at me.

Children, examine yourselves be honest with yourself.

Do you even remember me when you have an abundance of money? Do you still pray, read my word and fellowship with your brethren? Many of you forget me in your times of plenty.

You instead find comfort, security and happiness in your money, your wealth and your possessions.

I am God my priority is your soul everything else including your physical well being is secondary.

Therefore if pouring out an abundance of wealth to you will cause you to lose focus and even lose your soul then I have no choice but to withhold it from you.

Children, when I give wealth to my children I do so only to those who are spiritually mature enough to handle it.

Besides, I also look at your motives.

My blessings are not supposed to be confined to you only; my goal is that these blessings may be shared with others as my Spirit directs you.

It is not all about you; it is first and foremost about the growth of my kingdom here on earth.

I love you my children but many of you cannot handle an outpouring of wealth, your hearts would be instantly consumed with greed, pride and selfishness.

It is my desire to bless you with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places and you are indeed blessed in this way.

The question is, what will you do with the treasures that I release to you not just monetary but words of knowledge, instructions and commands? For some, in order for your blessing to manifest you need only one thing; obedience, total and complete obedience even when you do not understand my direction.

Remember Isaac, he obeyed my instruction after I commanded him not to go to Egypt but to remain in Canaan even though there was a severe drought and famine upon the land, I in turn honored his obedience and blessed him, for in the same year of famine and drought when his neighbors were suffering, in the same year he sowed and in the same year he reaped a hundredfold.

What he reaped he did not hoard for himself but he used it to bless his neighbors who were in severe need.

Children, I do desire to bless you financially for your own good and for the furtherance of my kingdom but many of you are immature and cannot handle wealth and your motives are wrong.

Some are ready but because of disobedience their blessings both financially and otherwise have been held up.

Seek me.

Jesus, Amen.