Bread from the Potter – I Am Always Relevant


Source: I am always relevant – Bread from the Potter


Job 38:1-41, Isaiah 43:11, Isaiah 45:7-12, Hebrews 13:8, Revelation 1:8.

I Am Always Relevant

Children, I am the one who gives you new ideas and concepts. Most of you always forget what I am capable of. I am not an antiquated being; I am the author of every good thing. I am the greatest scientist, architect and administrator. I am above the highest scientific knowledge that you know or can achieve.

The things that you are discovering now, the scientific and archaeological discoveries that are blowing your minds have been in existence since the time when I created them; they are not new to me.

There is still so much that you have yet to learn about the earth that you live in, things that I put in place when I created the earth, species that have existed for millennia but have yet to be discovered. You are so focused on outer space, and I am glad that you appreciate my heavens, but there is so much more about the earth that you have no knowledge of.

Children, my own children are guilty of viewing me as an outdated God in much the same way that the younger generation views the older generation. You think my knowledge is limited by what I created and that I have no understanding of the new technologies that exist now and that will exist in the future.

Children, I Am above you in every way, in my ways, in my thoughts, in my technology. I understand all your ways now and into the future, what you are discovering now has been in existence for millennia and most of it was sealed until the time of the end. Do not be proud and arrogant thinking you are smarter than the peoples of the ancient world, they knew technologies that you currently have no idea about but I chose to seal most of this knowledge until the end times.

In an effort to give many an opportunity to come to know me through the gospel, much of the old knowledge was sealed up but now is the time of the unsealing of this knowledge, for the era of grace is about to come to an end and an era of great judgment has once again dawned upon the earth.

As was in the past in Noah’s days when men joined themselves to evil so it is today and as in the past when such wickedness drew my wrath and judgment so it shall be again. The earth will be cleansed, it was cleansed once by water and it will be cleansed again but by fire.

Children, I am Alpha and Omega, it began with me, it will end with my judgment on the one hand and salvation on the other.

Children, come to me with your concerns I Am the one who creates, develops and inspires, I motivate to do good that you may prosper in me. Do you need an idea for your life, to start a business, to write a book, for a career change? Why do you go to the world yet I am right here with you? I repeat I am not a piece of antique sitting in the corner gathering dust. I Am new everyday yet the same everyday. I Am full of ideas, concepts and new technology.

Come to me, to those who seek my wise counsel I will liberally pour out fresh oil, new ideas, new concepts.

Come to me and ask I Am right here ready to help you.

I love you always.

Jesus, Amen.