Bread from the Potter – My Word is Freedom


Source: My word is freedom – Bread from the Potter


Psalm 119:160, John 17:17, 2 Timothy 2:15, 2 Timothy 3:16, Hebrews 4:12.


Life must go on, work must be done and bills must be paid until the end of this age.

Children do not live in fear, hiding away and not living your lives to the fullest.

The time of hiding has not yet come; yes it is near but until then live, work, minister.

Only the Father knows the time of the end of this age and until then life must go on as usual.

When that time comes it will be like the days of Noah, they were marrying and giving in marriage until the day the flood came and swept them all away except for the eight that were saved, so it shall be at the end of this age.

Man is so arrogant even after my judgments fall and the Father’s wrath is fulfilled some will be defiant and in their defiance they will be totally consumed for the earth shall be cleansed with fire, the heavens and the earth and all that is in it.

I return soon children put your houses in order now while there is still time.

Parents admonish your children, warn them of what is about to come upon this earth and pray earnestly for their eyes to be opened, for wisdom, for salvation.

The best gift you can give your child is the truth, not just the truth about life but the truth about my word.

Remember, Satan has targeted your children with lies, his plan is to destroy them through deception and abuse at an early age thereby ensuring that they will live a defeated life throughout their lifetime and his hope is that your children will never recover from the poisonous seeds he planted in their lives while they were still young.

It is therefore up to the parents to instill my word in the children while they are still young, before they become teenagers.

Truth must be their guide and my word is the truth that they need.

The world wants them in total bondage all of their lives but I came to give them life, peace and freedom for true freedom is found when one walks in my truth.

The world does not think so they say that I am restrictive; I am not, I gave you a will and as such you have the right to choose to live in sin or not to live in sin.

The world thinks that true freedom is to live in sin as they will; they are sorely deceived for to live in sin is bondage to hell and Satan but to live according to my truth is life, peace and freedom.

Those of you who are Christians know this, your chains of bondage were cut off at your confession of faith and the longer you walk with me the better your understanding of the abundant life that I have freely given you.

I need you to guide your own children to me that I may set them free.

Lead by example however long it takes you, reflect me inside of you and let the whole world see my shining light in you.

You are my hands and feet represent me well.

I love you my children.

Jesus, Amen.