Bread from the Potter – Prepare for war!



Psalm 18:32-36, 2 Corinthians 10:3-6, Ephesians 6:10-18, Revelation 12:7-17.

Source: Prepare for war! – Bread from the Potter

Take a step forward child, why are you fearful?

Do you not know that I am right beside you?

Child you must trust me and step forward when I say so.

So it is dark, you cannot see anything before you, the more reason to trust me and step out in faith.

The minute you step forth then you will know my salvation for you will realize instantly that you are not stepping out into nothingness but on a rock solid ground.

Children, with me you must walk first before you can see, yes, you will see but it will be in hindsight, yes you will look back and understand why you had to take a particular path in your faith walk. You will see my wisdom and you will be able to put the pieces of the puzzle that is your life together to form a wholesome piece.

Many of you have gotten so accustomed to walking by sight that you do not understand what faith is.

Faith is moving at my command with or without understanding and trusting me completely.

Children, I do not usually lead you down the easy way.

Remember, I did not lead Israel out of Egypt following the fastest shortest route, no I took them the long way around, why? Because they were not ready to face the enemy forces that dotted the shortest fastest route.

They were not soldiers, they were slaves, untrained in battle, they would have all perished if they had to face an enemy army as soon as they left Egypt.

The pharaohs had made sure that none of the Israelites had been trained to go into battle in much the same way are most of you my children.

You are not trained in battle and therefore you do not know how to fight your enemy.

This is the reason why I am calling all of you to pray, fast, read your Bible, praise and worship and do not forget to put on your spiritual armor.

For what soldier is there however mighty who will not armor up before going to war?

Practice these principles regularly that you may be prepared for the war when it comes knocking at the door.

As of right now, I am equipping you and my great mercy covers you but remember this will not be an ongoing grace.

You must reach the point where you are ready, fully armed for war for all must fight.

There is no sitting on the sidelines watching while others go to war; no, eventually you must step into the middle of all of it.

Get ready, you have been wandering in the wilderness long enough.

You have received the required training and now it is time to join the rest of the soldiers in the battlefield.

It will not be easy, there will be times when you will feel defeated but the important thing is to march forward even during the times when you feel like you have no strength, for indeed in your flesh you cannot fight this war, it is I who equips and strengthens you to fight in this war.

I am with you, march forward soldier, the war has only just begun.

Your Commander In Chief

Jesus, Amen.