Bread from the Potter – Russian roulette


Source: Russian roulette – Bread from the Potter


Proverbs 14:12, Proverbs 16:25, Romans 6:23, 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Galatians 5:19-21, James 1:14-15

Russian roulette

Children, you cannot live in the flesh and in the Spirit you must come to a point in your faith walk where you must choose one or the other, you cannot have both.

You cannot serve two masters.

There is no compatibility between the flesh and the Spirit.

You must constantly, on a daily basis, put down your flesh.

This is not a one time victory; this is an ongoing struggle, a daily struggle.

Every morning when you wake up you must put on your armor and go to war against the evil one, Satan, and against your ever present enemy, your flesh.

As long as you are still alive in this body of flesh you will have to contend with your flesh.

You will never truly be rid of your flesh until you receive your glorified immortal bodies.

The longer you have been in the faith the stronger you should be and the better able to suppress your fleshly desires and not only suppress them but put them to death.

Remember what my word says, you must constantly die to the flesh and live in the Spirit.

You must renew your mind and wash yourself in the water of purification.

You must dwell in truth, in my word, for my word is truth.

Children, when you dabble in and out of the flesh you are not fooling anyone but yourself.

I have no communion with darkness and my children have no communion with the evil one.

You should have your flesh and your enemy Satan under the soles of your feet.

Children, you cannot defeat your enemy Satan by inviting him to eat at your table, you cannot extend a hand of fellowship to one who you know will cut it off without blinking an eyelid.

You are playing with a venomous snake, he has no integrity and he does not understand or comprehend anything good, he is forever evil, every inch of him oozes wickedness, there is no reasoning with him, no winning him over, he is forever lost, forever condemned, eternally judged.

Stop playing with him, playing with him is like playing russian roulette with a fully loaded gun, no matter how you spin the cartridge every time you pull that trigger a bullet shoots out of the gun and this bullet is always fatal.

My children, you deceive yourself if you think you are strong enough to live in the flesh all week and then get spiritual only on Sunday.

One day time will run out, you will have played your last game of russian roulette and you will have lost your soul for all eternity.

I am warning you now, rising early, shouting loudly from the rooftops, blasting the trumpet from the high tower and sending word to all the gates, this is one game which you are guaranteed to lose, the odds are piled up against you, no matter which way you go all that is ahead of you is defeat and death.

Make up your mind right now to fight to your very last breath, resist to the shedding of blood, do not give in to temptation, fight tooth and nail to stay on the path of righteousness.

Today I have warned you, for some of you this is your final warning.

Jesus. Selah.